What a Difference a Year Does (and Doesn’t) Make

[By the way, this photo…and most of my photos lately is from Instagram, which I’ve become obsessed with in the past few months. I’m theodorable (shut up, childhood nickname) if you want to follow me.]

This morning I met Ashley for a run. 5:15 wakeup, 5:45 5:51 I was at her apartment.

We covered about 5 miles together, and I covered 1.2 running to her apartment and then back to my own. My legs felt like lead, and for a good stretch of the run, we could barely see three feet ahead of us in the dark, but I’m glad I did it and I’m glad I had Ashley to meet to get me out of bed.

Today marks one year at my job. It’s been an intense one, but after being laid off, I’m happy to have a job, and I’m proud of still maintaining my weight and running (and, oh hey PR-ing my marathon) despite working long hours.

Thanksgiving was last week, but I’m still thankful. Okay, time to blast some Christmas music in my ears and get to working.



14 comments on “What a Difference a Year Does (and Doesn’t) Make

  1. Katie

    I am in LOVE with Instagram… It is the best social network ever created. And it makes my photos look professional. I think I’ll quit my day job 🙂

    It is crazy to look at how much things can change…And how quickly. Maintaining your life, fitness and weight (and sanity)is so difficult when adjusting to new job. I hope you are enjoying all the you do! Great work!

  2. Gianna

    Congrats on the anniversary – and the accomplishments with running and maintaining weightloss!

    I share your obsession with instagram. Can’t help it, love it!

  3. Cathryn

    I thought of you today! I’m in Tokyo and found this amazing rain-jacket in a running shop. Pink check. It’s New Balance. I’ve never seen it in the States and I want it!!! Their Japanese range is amazing and soooooo cool!!! Do they only sell it in Japan?


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