Christmas Eve 2012


Merry Christmas! My Christmas actually started a few days ago when I got this unexpected gift from Lady Foot Locker when I got home from work. Um, THANKS GUYS!


These pants are really comfortable…and nobody tell my favorite client about that sweatshirt, okay?


Last night we headed to my cousin’s for Christmas Eve.


And so many snuggles with this little muffin!!! She’s getting so big.

Screen shot 2012-12-25 at 6.54.29 PM.png

Look at her beautiful little dress!


You smell like beef and cheese, you don’t smell like Santa!


Christmas is really tiring.


So many gifts, so little time.


Last Christmas, she was just a baby, so watching her open all her gifts this year was really cute. Of course, as soon as she ripped into the first toy, she didn’t care about anything else.


The adults had food buffet-style, including pierogies (Italian/Polish Christmas here!)


Penne with vodka, and eggplant.


And salad with roasted pecans.


And a teapot. (To hold the tray down.)



For Christmas-celebraters: what are your Christmas Eve traditions? Ours includes spending it with my mom’s side of the family…and always includes pasta.

7 comments on “Christmas Eve 2012

  1. Cathryn

    We are starting to develop our own traditions – currently Christmas Eve includes a trip to the zoo, a Christmas service at church and then Chinese Takeaway. And then new pyjamas 😉

  2. Kashi@ Caoe Island Runners

    My family always did a church service then dinner at my aunt’s. Before bed, there was always an eggnog toast. As we got older, we would often spendxmas eve just hanging out as a family, talking late into the night. My husband was raised Jewish so he has no xmas traditions to carry-on and neither of us are particularly religious, no no more church for us. But, I still love a great dinner with friends and staying up late 🙂

  3. Michelle

    My husband and I are establishing Christmas Eve traditions this year. Even though we have been married over 4 years, this is our first real Christmas together in the States. The first year was with my family in Canada, the second one he was deployed to Iraq, the third we were in Germany, and the 4th is this one. We baked a ham, made my mom’s delicious potatoes, watched 6 hours of the Santa Claus movies, and baked cookies together.

  4. Laura

    Mmm, I come from a very Polish family and always got stuck going to midnight Wigelia feasts, but they NEVER featured pierogis. I love pierogis and would have enjoyed them a lot more if they were present! Lucky girl…


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