How to Be Ridiculously Happy


When I ran home at lunch today to walk my sweet little dog, I snapped this picture on the way back to work.

What a gorgeous day, right? It was in the 50s, and I was wearing a dress with a blazer and boots. No coat, no gloves, no tights.

I walked back to work and got a text from my friend Shannon. “Do you want to go ice-skating tonight?


photo 2.JPG

Except…I was wearing a dress with no tights. And it got SO MUCH COLDER in those few hours.

Yes, I was the only person on that rink with bare legs.


We saw a proposal!

photo 4.JPG


Best way to put yourself in a ridiculously good mood ridiculously quickly? Skate around in circles with your girlfriends singing Christmas carols. Bonus points: do so in the middle of New York City. (This was at Bryant Park.)

Or, you know.


*Edited to fix spelling from being ridiculously tired.*

(Ashley pretty much changed my life with this discovery tonight.)

How do you put yourself in a ridiculously good mood?

*The word ridiculous is now retired from my vocabulary.

15 comments on “How to Be Ridiculously Happy

  1. Janae@hungryrunnergirl

    LOVE THIS!! I want to go ice skating so bad. You girls are adorable and I think you are going to start a trend with your bare legs while ice skating:)

  2. Cathryn

    I find that anything Christmassy makes me ridiculously happy…or singing ‘Sound of Music’ songs. I’m an easy girl to please.

    Wondering if a three year old can go ice-skating because I want to go now!!

  3. Sara @ The Foodie Diaries

    I’m from Florida, and I’ve never gone ice skating outdoors!! It’s always been in an ice rink and when I was younger. I live in Boston now and I can’t wait to have my first outdoor ice skating experience πŸ™‚

  4. Eesh

    But your dress is ridiculously cute!

    I’ve never been ice-skating but i gather it’s fun. Oh the price we pay for living in “Paradise”.

    Have a great weekend sweetheart.


  5. Katrine

    I am near the end of wedding planning (New Year’s Eve, baby!) and the ONLY thing that calms my anxiety is tea. So cool that there is acualy scientific proof to back that up. Thanks for sharing!


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