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How to Be Ridiculously Happy


When I ran home at lunch today to walk my sweet little dog, I snapped this picture on the way back to work.

What a gorgeous day, right? It was in the 50s, and I was wearing a dress with a blazer and boots. No coat, no gloves, no tights.

I walked back to work and got a text from my friend Shannon. “Do you want to go ice-skating tonight?


photo 2.JPG

Except…I was wearing a dress with no tights. And it got SO MUCH COLDER in those few hours.

Yes, I was the only person on that rink with bare legs.


We saw a proposal!

photo 4.JPG


Best way to put yourself in a ridiculously good mood ridiculously quickly? Skate around in circles with your girlfriends singing Christmas carols. Bonus points: do so in the middle of New York City. (This was at Bryant Park.)

Or, you know.


*Edited to fix spelling from being ridiculously tired.*

(Ashley pretty much changed my life with this discovery tonight.)

How do you put yourself in a ridiculously good mood?

*The word ridiculous is now retired from my vocabulary.