A Random Day in Food

When I started this blog nearly four years ago, I blogged 99% of my meals. With crappy iPhone photos.

I don’t know why anyone read that.

(You know, compared to the literary genius this blog now is.)

I also used to eat the same things all the time: spinach feta wraps from Starbucks and rice bowls from Pump (now Dig Inn and not nearly as great.)

This blog turned into more of a fitness/Random Thoughts by Theodora blog when I got laid off. I didn’t want to write about food in the least and my stomach was a mess from stress and I ate weird stuff.

I digress?

Every once in a while, I get comments/emails asking what I eat now that I’m maintaining my weight, so in the spirit of that, and because I have sweet potato rolls to review for you, let’s look at a random day of eats. Note: I just decided to write about this tonight so I didn’t eat any different than I ordinarily would have.



Um, yeah. Spinach feta wrap. Old habits die hard. I definitely eat a lot less of these than I used to because I’m older and mildly more financially responsible, but I was getting sick of the egg-on-whole-wheat-English-muffin I’ve been eating lately.

Morning snack: cherry pie Larabar


salsa crockpot chicken.jpg.jpg

Brown rice, broccoli and salsa crockpot chicken.

This is the easiest thing to make ever: Throw a bunch of chicken breasts in your crockpot, pour a jar of salsa over them, add taco seasoning (optional) and cook for 7-8 hours. THAT’S IT.

Afternoon snack: apple + Trader Joes packet of almonds






Chicken patty on an Alexia sweet potato roll with vegetables. The patty and veggies are from the greatest supermarket in the world near my parents. The patties are great, but the veggies were apparently stir-fry and were in a disgusting amount of vegetable oil.

The sweet potato roll, however, was awesome. It had the texture of a dinner roll, but had mild sweet potato flavoring. The rolls come frozen, but you warm them up in the oven for 12 minutes and they smell lovely. In truth, they’re a bit small for a normal-sized burger, but would be good for a large slider.

What was the best thing you ate today? Are you a creature of habit with your food?

23 comments on “A Random Day in Food

  1. MCM Mama

    I like the Alexia products. Add some variety when I don’t feel like cooking from scratch and we’ve been pleased with the flavor on things.

    I love crockpot chicken breasts. You can throw just about any sauce in there with the chicken and have a yummy and easy dinner…

    1. Theodora Post author

      @MCM Mama: Honestly, I like the flavor from crockpot things, but the way chicken gets kind of gummy is not really okay by me. Maybe I need to try some pork.

      1. MCM Mama

        @Theodora: Are you cooking it too long? I haven’t really noticed that (but I also shred the meat after it’s cooked most of the time.)

        A pork tenderloin or roast can make some awesome shredded meat as well. Or just do a whole chicken at once. Just as easy and tastes about the same as roasting does.

  2. Jenny

    I make the same dish too. I feel like there is a huge difference when I use organic chicken breasts. I made pork carnitas which was awesome. It was from the blog the girl who ate everything. Every person who has had it loves it. I like it since it is a tenderloin recipe. And I like to control my ingredients. Many pork crock pot dishes call for soda or BBQ but this one is amazing. And cooking an entire roast chicken was a million times better than any rotisserie chicken. Good luck!

  3. Barbara

    Salsa over a chicken or roast in the crockpot is one of our go to meals as well. I’ll add sweet potatoes in as well. Think I just figured out what to make for dinner!

  4. Maureen

    I am totally a creature of habit when it comes to breakfast. I usually have a multigrain waffle (from Trader Joe’s) with peanutbutter and a cup of coffee. Sometimes when I’m feeling really fancy, I’ll swap out the peanutbutter for ricotta cheese. I need to branch out and try some other breakfast options because this combo isn’t working for me anymore.

  5. Laney

    When I am traveling, which is like every other week, my go to is the Starbucks spinach feta wrap. It has everything I like in a breakfast all in one easy to eat while sitting on the train pocket. I also make the salsa chicken a lot, but have never found it to be gummy. I tend to cook it on low and then shred right before I serve.

  6. Tara

    Oh, the other day I had a craving, so yes, I made Goat cheese stuffed dates, wrapped them in Proscuitto and baked them. OH.MY.GOD!
    I love Crockpot meals. I make chicken Salsa, but I also add black beans, and some corn at the end. YUM!
    I love pulled pork as well.
    for breakfast, I usually make an egg quiche or egg ‘muffins’ on Sunday, and then I have my breakfast all made and ready to reheat each morning. Its great becuase you can add anything like-meats, veggies, spinach, seasonings.

  7. Anna

    Old habits DO die hard! I’m the same way and will literally eat the same exact lunch for weeks on end until something clicks inside my brain and I realize there ARE options other than quinoa, beans and spinach.

  8. Cathryn

    I’m in the UK this week…so the best thing I ate today were bangers and mash and gravy. Gorgeous. I’m going meat-free when I get back to California so I’m particularly relishing every bit of meat that’s coming my way right now!!!

  9. Kashi@ Cape Island Runners

    total creature of habit. i eat the same thing almost every day for breakfast and lunch – and i really enjoy it! it’s not bc i am lazy or unimaginative, i just really love eating the same things over and over. might be a *tad* compulsive, lol. but dinner is mixed up every night bc my husband is an amazing cook and actually likes variety. takes all kinds, lol! but i am super lucky to have him, i seriously prefer his meals to almost any restaurant.
    best thing i ate today is a fruit salad that my in-laws brought me from the orchard in brooklyn, where they live. every time i see them they bring me one and it is heaven! all kinds of yummy fruit already pre-sliced and skinned so all i have to do is chow. the best!

  10. Melissa

    I totally eat the same thing every day. Cottage cheese and granola for breakfast, half a pb&j with fruit for lunch, and snacks are trail mix or Greek yogurt with honey. I really should mix it up!

  11. Nicole

    I go in spurts where I’ll eat the same thing for a couple of weeks and then have to switch it up.
    I don’t have a crock pot so I just boil chicken, shred it with forks, and then use for chicken and salsa, chicken salad, etc.

  12. Jessica R

    I eat the same breakfast and snacks every single day at the same time. Dinner is different and lunch is the same two or three meals in rotation. Consistency in what I eat is how I control my eating. Maybe one day I’ll be able to wing it and change things up but I’m not there yet.


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