I spend a lot of time on Junior League work. I enjoy helping to spread the word about our good work, it is entirely fulfilling and I’ve met some amazing people through my work with the League.

At our Winter Ball, we honor five women as Outstanding Volunteers every year. To be one of these five women out of nearly 3,000 women is a huge honor, and one of our traditions is to throw parties for these women in advance of the ball to honor them.


Last night, I attended one of these parties for a woman whom I serve on the Management Council with. The party was at the White Box Gallery on the Lower East Side, just steps away from where the League was founded 112 years ago.

Kids from the Dancing Classrooms program danced at the party. They performed the merengue, rhumba and waltz, and they were the cutest things ever. I can’t wait to go to the little couple in the pink dress/blue top’s wedding one day.

I spent the night catching up with some wonderful women I’ve gotten closer with recently, and they tried to talk me into calling out of work today to attend a luncheon honoring these women. I’m actually more of a goodie-two-shoes than you’d imagine, so I dutifully showed up at work today and met up with everyone when I left work on time tonight.

It takes up a lot of my time, and it’s not always roses and sunshine, but I’m really proud to be a member of this organization.



Walked through the mess in Flatiron to get home to walk Bailey at lunch. There was a water main break and the whole area got messy.


Snuggled with my coworker’s cute puppy. (Don’t tell Bailey.)

Met up with Junior League ladies at Orsay to celebrate our outstanding volunteers.


Ate the world’s smallest fish taco. Thumb for scale.

How was your week outstanding??

6 comments on “Outstanding!

  1. Katie @ Talk Less, Say More

    I had a rough week of 1/2 marathon training. Two days were taken out because of a migraine and asthma attack, but the outstanding thing is that my chiropractor thinks my body was going through a “detox.” We’ve done a lot of work and made a lot of progress with my adjustments and my body was trying to release more of that tension and stress. To me, that’s pretty outstanding.

  2. Maureen

    While my week was not outstanding, it ended on a high note with Restaurant Week dinner with some high school friends. Everything, the food, the company, the wine, was fantastic and just what I needed after a trying week.

  3. Cathryn

    I have a friend who is outstanding…she’s in her mid thirties and until yesterday was VP of a non-profit, doing amazing things. She’s about to have her second child – her first child is delightful!!! I am so proud of her and so awed by all she’s achieved. I love people like that, they really do inspire me to be a better person.

  4. Emily @ www.main-eats.com

    That is the tiniest little taco ever! Was it good?! It sure looks like it! Congrats to all of your amazing volunteers! I would love to be a part of the Junior League here in Kansas City!!! My week was really good-lots of yoga this week which was pretty awesome!


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