RNR USA Half-Marathon Training: Week 2

When I was training for Marine Corps, I started doing weekly recaps of my training. At first, I was nervous to do so because I didn’t want to ‘fess up if I skipped a workout, but as you can imagine, it kept me more accountable. I’m training for the D.C. Half now, and I really want to PR, so I am trying to avoid falling into the “it’s just a half” mindset and train seriously for this race.

Screen shot 2013-01-21 at 8.14.28 PM.png

…starting this week.

I was sick last week and before that, my motivation had seriously been waning, but after being sick for a few days, I just wanted to run, and I’m back to feeling mentally great after a run, so I’m chasing those endorphins again.

My friend/coach Jess does “Say It, Do It,” where she commits to her workouts in advance; I’ve found that recapping them usually works better for me.

So, a look at last week:

Monday – Wednesday: sick

Thursday: 3-mile run + strength session

Friday: restorative yoga (not really a workout, but hey.)

Saturday: 6-mile run with Fiona

Sunday: Soul Cycle

Monday: AWESOME speed session: 1.5 mile warm-up, 4 x 800 (4:02, 3:59, 3:57, 3:52!), 1 mile cool-down. I watched the Inauguration coverage while on the treadmill and remembered when I covered it eight years ago for my college paper. IT WAS FREEZING.

I’m back on the sweat therapy, and it’s awesome. The weather wasn’t terrible this weekend, so I also got lots of mind-clearing long walks in.

What kind of workouts did you do last week, and how do you keep yourself accountable for workouts? What are you training for right now?

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  1. Jen @ Jens Best Life

    I’m training for my third half and seriously want to PR, so I’m also trying to be strict with my training plan! My workouts were ok last week, but not perfect since it was my last week visiting family and I was easily guilted out of workouts and into spending time with them. But I’m back in NYC with easy access to run paths now so no more excuses!

  2. Nicole D

    I’m training for the RNR USA Half too! I’m also signed up for the Long Branch Half in May so lots of training ahead.

  3. Katie @ Katie Moves

    I’m running the NYC half in March! My first one! I’m super excited, but not trying to be crazy strict for my first one. I really dont want to burn out so I’m trying to be relaxed! I have been blogging weekly progress, so i do feel a little more accountable to completing my weekly schedule as best as I can! 🙂

  4. Cathryn

    I’m training to get back up to half marathon fitness…I’m doing a trail half in February and the the Oakland (CA) half in March. I don’t think I’ll be PR shape by then but it’s a start. However my training has been scuppered by the weather – I’m in the UK at the moment and it’s a blanket of snow and ice. A little frustrating!!!

  5. Emily @ FitMamaInTheCity

    I write down a schedule (which funny enough started BECAUSE of Jess’ SIDI). I’m slowly starting to stick with it more and more, but I need to be more consistent with strength. But right now I’m trying to get mileage up. I haven’t done any serious training since pre-baby and I’m looking to my first half (a 10K, at least!) this fall. I just need to break four miles and a time of 10 minute miles. I’ve been stuck in this stinking rut for the past few weeks

  6. Maureen

    I’m training for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler right now and I’ve found that recaping my workouts at the end of the week has been helpful so far. When I’ve trained for races in the past, I’ve become so running focused that I forget about doing any kind of cross/strength training. I’m hoping that the weekly recaps will help me make sure my training is more balanced this time around and not all running, all the time.

  7. Beckett @ The Birchwood Pie Project

    I’m all about the recap to hold myself accountable. The cardiotrainer app displays my weekly calorie burn on the status bar of my phone, and I try to keep it at 2000. I’m trying to get back into running and improve my speed with the couch to 5k program on the treadmill. I’m in week 3 right now and am trying to keep my speed at 6.5 – we’ll see how it goes!

  8. Jessica R

    I am training for my first full marathon. My slight fear of this distance is enough motivation to keep me going right now. Normally I write out a schedule. A schedule keeps me on track for most things in life.

  9. Tara

    I have a half in May, so, although I have not officially started my training for it, I am doing 1 6.6 mi. run each weekend. I try to get in a smaller run during the week (which is hard in the cold, dark mornings in Boston), and I am doing kettlebell workouts at home 2x a week.
    I start a new gym this weekend that has alot of great strength classes and cross training.
    I am hoping getting started now with all this, will make my half training in March much easier!

    When is your half? Can you share your full training schedule?

  10. Kashi @ Cape Island Runners

    I tweaked my leg pretty good during a fall marathon and only last Fri had a pain-free run! Yahoo! I have been so nervous to jinx my recovery that I have not figured out the first half of 2013. I know I am doing a fall half (MCM if a bunch of us can get in) and am thinking I might train for a 10k this spring. I have not “raced” it in a few yrs and would be fun to try for a PR without beating myself up too bad after 2 months off!

  11. Naomi

    Nice solid week of training after being sick. I keep myself accountable by logging every workout on a calendar. I have to see more than one “zero” day a week.

  12. Sam

    Um… so I have a question. Awhile back you said you did a mile time trial in like 6:10. According to that, your 800s should be well below 3:30. I’m a little confused.

    1. Theodora Post author

      I’m just going by the plan my coach put together for me, which called for the target 800s to be around 3:50-4:00.


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