Five Great Race Recaps

I am obsessed with reading race recaps of all stripes.

Tonight, I have five very different, yet very amazing recaps to share with you.


My Internet BFF Valerie ran Disney last weekend. She got swept, but holy shit did the girl put a lot of heart into it. Read this and tell me you don’t want to hug her.


Caitlin HTP ran an awesome 2:00 half just a few months post-baby!


And Julie ran an awesome 1:57!


Monica ran a 1:43!!


And Mary took second in her age group!

Your turn! Share a link to yours or another awesome race recap you’ve read lately.

Also: both my therapist and Alicia, whom I’ve talked to about anxiety because of her great post about anxiety, keep asking if I do yoga. OKAY LADIES, I GET IT. I need to do more yoga! While I’m going to try to make it to more classes, I am going to try to do some more at-home yoga, too. Tell me about your favorite SHORT (30 minutes or less) yoga podcasts/apps.

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  1. Lauren

    Pocket yoga is a great app. They have 5 different types of sequences and you can choose your level and length of time to do it for.

  2. Naomi

    My goal this month is to do 20-min of pilates or yoga a day. Surprisingly I’ve found the workouts on my cable’s on-demand fitness channel to be quite good. Sportskool “Yoga for Runners” is a 35-min workout that I do after my runs. It’s been tremendously helpful.

  3. Abby @ Change of Pace

    I love reading race recaps- thanks for the links!
    I’m trying to get more into yoga. I can’t offer an app or podcast, but Sage Rountree has an amazing yoga for athletes book. I http back there are a few sequences, so you can make to your session as long or as short as you want!

  4. Eleonora

    I am a runner and typically have never been a huge fan of yoga. However, I took advantage of a Gilt City deal and just tried out Bikram Yoga at their new Herald Square studio. I loved it! I felt the heat helped stretch and loosen out all the muscles – it was nothing like Vinyasa and I really enjoyed all the poses. I feel so refreshed now! I know its not at home yoga but would highly recommend it!

    1. Theodora Post author

      I do really like Bikram but sometimes have a hard time making it to class, which is why I was asking about the home yoga. DID NOT know about the Herald Square one!

  5. MCM Mama

    Great recaps! Thanks for sharing.

    Glad you asked the yoga question. I take a class one day a week and I was just thinking I need to supplement that at home…

  6. Emily @ FitMamaInTheCity

    YogAmazing is an awesome free podcast. He comes out with a flow every week and it’s no longer than thirty minutes. There’s one targeted especially for runners on there that I did recently. Quick and dirty.

    I love the recaps though! Races are so personal, so I like getting a little look in to other people and their race experiences. Each one is unique and it makes me remember my own races. (Plus being able to live vicariously through Disney races!!!! I so want to be there one day)

  7. Jessica R

    I started yoga a few years as a way to save on therapy costs. It worked quite well for me! I don’t have any shorter at home yoga suggestions. I was always into the 90 minute studio classes. I love all these race reports. I read every one of them.

  8. Kashi@ Cape Island Runners

    recaps are the best! i esp love reading them when i am training for a race of the same distance. i also find it super helpful to write them after a race and refer back to them so i write them pretty often. the one i am going to share is for my first ultra. it was a long run + i am super chatty = 3-parter. hope that is ok to post!

  9. Nicole

    Hulu has some good 20-30 min yoga videos. Just search “yoga” or “Gaiam”. If you have about 50 min, try Maya Fiennes Kundalini yoga. I thought it was really wacky the first time I tried if but it’s very calming and energizing. I even used the breathing techniques recently when I had a terrible stomach ache–15 minutes of kundalini breathing later, it was gone.

  10. Evi is great. So you can sign up for a free account, and then you can watch 1 free video a week (different one each week), or you can purchase new classes- which I have yet to do. The classes are 1 hour long, but you can always split the class into 2 sessions throughout the week.


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