The Yoga Studio I’ll Be Going Back To

Over the past four years, I’ve tried out many a fitness studio and class in New York.




Exhale. (So, I kind of like that top?)

I keep telling myself I’ll go back! That I will totally become the person who always does _______.

It doesn’t usually happen.

I’m a runner who likes to dabble in other classes.

The one other thing I keep returning to is yoga. How it makes me feel mentally and physically is irresistible.

Last week, I tried restorative yoga at Laughing Lotus. They were (and still are!!!) running a 30 days of yoga for $39 special. One class was $18, unlimited was $39. Even if I only did one more class, it’d be worth it, so I went for it.

Tonight I left work a bit too late to meet up with friends for a drink as I’d planned, and I wanted to get a workout in. I didn’t have the energy for a run, so I looked on Laughing Lotus’ site to see if there were any classes tonight–and there was an 8:30 flow class.

New York for the win.

The class was taught by the adorable Annie, who looked and sounded a lot like Isla Fisher. It was 8:30 on a cold Thursday night, so it was just me and three other students.

Annie started off the class telling us about a class she was taking about breathing. Where is she going with this, I wondered. She told us about Dr. John Sarno’s theory that much back pain is caused by psychological origins and stress–not getting enough oxygen into the back. As someone who sometimes has lower back pain and and who puts a lot of stress on herself, I found this really interesting.

Since the class was so small, she walked around and did lots of corrections to our alignment, and occasionally rubbed our shoulders or necks to relax us and get us to move deeper into the moves. I’m usually really self-conscious about being adjusted, but I was open to it tonight. The shoulder rubbing stuff was a little awkward at first, but once I relaxed into it, it was so incredibly relaxing.

By the time we got to savasana, I was ready to melt into the mat.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be going back, both to Laughing Lotus and to her class. It’s close. It’s not at all pretentious. It’s not too expensive, by NYC standards. She teaches Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:30pm. Want to join me?

Tell me about your favorite yoga class/studio. Also–do you go for physical reasons, mental reasons or both?

21 comments on “The Yoga Studio I’ll Be Going Back To

  1. Naomi

    I read Dr John Sarno’s book, coincedentally at the recommendation of my yoga teacher. It’s an interesting read, I’d love to hear your perspective on it. My favorite yoga class is Yin Yoga – for both physical and mental restoration.

  2. Alicia at Poise in Parma

    “It’s close” and “It’s not at all pretentious” is exactly why I originally picked the studio I landed at. Every time I try to go somewhere else, it makes me miss my yoga home even more.

    I’m a vinyasa flow junkie, but have been gravitating to restorative classes on Sunday afternoons. And there’s nothing quite like a good yoga assist – keep that open mind!

  3. Emily @ FitMamaInTheCity

    I love the fact you went to a class! Good for you. And unlimited for $39 is an awesome deal. I love the physical aspect of Yoga and the fact that it is increasing flexibility and decreasing the chance of injury, but let’s be serious, with a 10 month old, the real bonus of it is for the sanity.

  4. Sarah

    I’m a self-proclaimed yoga snob. Iyengar junkie for the focus on alignment, awareness about injuries, depth into poses, mindfulness, and so many other reasons… I would go well out of my way for Iyengar. Other kinds of yoga have left me injured. But my 10 year relationship with yoga has been deeply intertwined with my bajillion pound weight loss journey, a good studio just feels like home. Being in DC, I’m lucky to have Unity Woods… they have 3 studios and often have great workshops. Doing a back-bend one next month. Yoga principles of balance and mindfulness translate super well to food choices and so many other healthy life habits. Big fan.

  5. Blakely

    Y2 yoga in Charlotte, NC is phenomenal. It’s not pretentious at all and is definitely not your “open your hear to the sky”/traditional type of yoga. They play great music and it is definitely a toning and cardiovascular workout. Anyone in the area should definitely try!

  6. Martha Wills

    I’m not running much right now, but getting to lots of yoga classes. Last week I went to a random level 1 class, which was just me and two other women. It was great because the teacher got to really work with us and she adjusted my chaturanga which I’ve been doing all wrong (just hitting the floor on the way down and then jerking into up dog). It felt great to be reminded of the best modification for me (knees down). I think everyone should attend lower level and smaller classes once in a while. It’s so valuable!

  7. Kiersten

    I have tried most of yoga studios in Portland, but I keep going back to the one closest to my house, The Breathing Room. It is so easy to get to, easy to park, and is just so cozy and welcoming. The classes are just the right mix of challenge and relaxation.

  8. Mary @ Lost After Losing

    I always get so freaked out when yoga instructors touch me during class. Once I actually screamed. I was so zoned out, and it scared the crap out of me. The shoulder rubbing would definitely be a little awkward…but I could get into it, especially when I’m super sore and tight from Crossfit.

  9. Lindsay

    I’ve gone through phases of hot yoga, but it’s such a long class it’s hard to find time to consistently go – I really need to try a regular yoga class, the hot yoga always helps stretch me out, but I love the way I’m so calm at the end of classes – that never happens anywhere else!


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