70 Hours Until 30

I have 70 hours left in my 20s.


I was g-chatting today with my friend, Sara. We went to high school together, and I remember sitting in freshman English class together and going to track practice together (for that hot second before we quit) like it was yesterday. But apparently 1997 was not yesterday, which is weird.


1999. Close enough. And yes, I did party like it was 1999. (Photo from my Sweet 16.)

Anyway, I’ve been joking for the past few weeks that I was going to go WILD AND CRAZY in my last few weeks of my 20s.

January ended up being really busy (and with its share of wine-fueled nights) and February is lookin’ pretty full, too, so this last week of my 20s was pretty tame.

It involved lots of sweat time, though. If you told 22-year-old me that I’d be happy to close out my 20s with two good runs, a strength session (whaa?) and a yoga class, she would have spit out her Bud Light.

But, alas, I am not 22 any more.

Tonight may be a quiet night at home with Bailey, some wine and catching up on email…but I’m ready to usher out my twenties and enter my thirties with some fun.

Tomorrow: hoping and praying I can run outside–9 miles on a treadmill would just blow. I don’t know how people can run 20 miles on a treadmill. Tomorrow night: drinks with friends!

Sunday: family birthday party in NJ

Monday: (actual birthday) free birthday Uplift class (7am, wanna come?); work; lunch with either mom or Jen; Junior League meeting (don’t you worry, this involves wine)

Thursday: leave for surprise birthday trip with friends!!!!

How do you like to celebrate your birthday? Most importantly, what’s your favorite birthday cake?

P.S. PMSing the weekend of a big birthday? Not recommended. ALL THE EMOTIONS.

24 comments on “70 Hours Until 30

  1. Maureen

    Enjoy the last few days of your 20s (and have a happy birthday too, of course)! I usually go pretty low key for my birthday. I have a history or craptacular birthdays, but for 30 last year a friend and I went all out. And it was totally worth it. As for cake, I love all kinds of cake, but my favorites are Strawberry Shortcake and the Bonnie Butter Cake with chocolate frosting from the Betty Crocker Cookbook, which was my family’s go to birthday cake for years.

  2. Aunt Gerry Hilla

    You were born on a very snowy Friday night 30 years ago
    just like tonight. Your Mom called and said “it’s a girl”
    at exactly 6:15. On Monday we came to meet you for the first
    time with a very pink decorated cake to welcome you ….. home.
    Nana, Pop-Pop, Sharon, Eddie, Uncle Eddie…Time flies..
    enjoy Happy Birthday.Love,aunt gerry

  3. lisa

    just wanted to say that in my opinion the 30s were so much better than the 20s. all the good stuff remains (you’re still young, hot, fit, etc.) but with it comes more confidence, wisdom, experience, and perspective. a much better sense of who you are and what your place is in the world. an increased ability to see outside yourself and know other people better. my twenties were good, my thirties were great, and i’m all about discovering my (early) forties now. it’s all in the attitude, baby. embrace each year and look forward with excitement! life is a wide open highway for you. enjoy!

  4. Stephanie Cook

    Have an awesome birthday!

    Shaya and I are running in CP tomorrow morning (16 for me 18 for her). Text if you want to join. We are making the final decision at 8. fingers crossed I won’t be on the dreadmill!!

  5. Liam Rubel

    I think alcohol is a big no in diet plans, so i am surprise that how you these wine parties. And for me every birthday should be different from the previous one and also the cake. But i like chocolate cake more.

  6. Liz @ The Six Year Itch

    Happy Birthday!

    I was more than thrilled to be out of my 20s a few years ago. Don’t get me wrong they were awesome when they weren’t a huge pain in my ass. The one thing that does stink about being in your 30s is being 31. It’s the crappiest age unless you’re all “let’s celebrate 10 years of being drunk.”

    Enjoy yourself (and your 30s).

  7. Cathryn

    Waaay….how exciting. My 30th birthday was so much fun…and being 30 was even more fun. I loved the whole year and I’ve loved being in my 30s as well!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  8. Mom

    It’ only a number! This is just the beginning of a great weekend and many more surprises for your 30th Birthday!You were born in the Blizzard of 1983 so in standing with tradition Daddy is still shoveling us out of the storm as he did 30 years ago to see you at the hospital
    We love you and we are proud parents of all you have accomplished, Let’s Party!!!!!

  9. Meghan

    Enjoy the last weekend in your twenties. But as I inch closer to that number, I’ve heard that 30’s really are so much better than the 20’s! So that’s great news.

  10. Cousin Leanne

    Happy birthday, Theodora!!! Enjoy your birthday weekend. You are a sweet, fun-loving person. Enjoy every minute!

  11. Amy

    Birthdays are celebrated with lots of dessert and cake for breakfast the morning after- I’m usually a fan of the typical vanilla cake/vanilla frosting combo when it comes to cake but last year the birthday cake (think funfetti but better!) from momofuku milk bar was a big hit- Happy Birthday!!

  12. Eesh

    Sounds like an awesome birthday weekend! I normally celebrate my birthday by having a game night on two days before, dinner the day before and a getaway trip the day of πŸ™‚



  13. janet scudieri

    Happy Birthday
    I did not know you when you were little, but I have heard many stories. I am so glad I am able to share your adult life with you. I love reading your blog and talking to your mother about you every day. Your parents are so proud of you.I wish you a happy, healthy and exciting year. Looking forward to your party tomorrow.
    Love, Janet


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