The Penultimate Week of Training + DC Half Goals + CHI RUNNING WORKSHOP GIVEAWAY!

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The penultimate week of training: better late than never, right?

Well, you see those 5 workouts? That’d be great if they were all running workouts, right?

Well…they weren’t.

There was one 5-mile run.

One crappy 9-mile run.

Two Uplift classes.

One yoga class.

[When did I get good at cross-training?]

During the week, I prioritized these other workouts because they had times assigned to them, and I wasn’t as good as doing that with my second weekday run and it didn’t happen; last Saturday, I totally overslept and didn’t get that run in. By the end of the week, my legs were also pretty tired from working them new ways at Uplift. Combine that and a cold I’ve been fighting all week, and Jess had me take most of this week off after another crappy run Monday.

So what about my goals?

Still trying for a PR.

A Goal: Sub-1:55:24

B Goal: Under 1:57, my time from last year.

C Goal: Under 2:00


I have a super last-minute giveaway for an NYC reader. The Tri-Mania NYC Summit and Expo takes place on Saturday at Columbia University. It’s basically a conference/expo for triathletes, and includes a keynote from Ironman World Champion Dave Scott, an interview with Amby Burfoot (awesome Runner’s World dude who won Boston in 1968) – and a Chi Running workshop. The Chi Running workshop, as well as some of the other workshops are not complimentary, BUT shoot me an email at theodora AT losingweightinthecity dot com with subject I WANT TO GO TO THE CHI RUNNING WORKSHOP! and I will pick one winner. (I’ll be traveling, so I don’t know when I’ll have reliable Internet tomorrow to use the giveaway plugin.)

Are you running a race this weekend? There seem to be a million of them. What race? Shooting for a PR?? Good luck!!

9 comments on “The Penultimate Week of Training + DC Half Goals + CHI RUNNING WORKSHOP GIVEAWAY!

  1. Kashi @ Cape Island Runners

    I’m not running, but wish I were! All the posts I have seen on blogs and running sites about this makes me really want to do it. Can’t wait to hear recap and how you do! Very good luck, looks like the weather will be perfecto!

  2. Meghan

    Good luck!! I’ll be cheering for you from afar! I’m running a race in Tampa called the Florida Beach half. I’m going for a big PR. My A goal is a 1:50, though I’ll be ecstatic with 1:52 or under. Have fun!

  3. Cathryn

    Good luck at the weekend. I like those goals, I may steal them for my half marathon in Oakland, CA next week. Although goal c is the only one likely to happen.

    Anyway, kill it! Good luck.

  4. ashley

    Good luck! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for a while now. I’m running the full tomorrow, so perhaps I’ll see you. It’s my first marathon and I’m super excited and nervous.


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