I Went to Barry’s Bootcamp, but I Didn’t See Kim Kardashian

Perhaps you’ve heard of Barry’s Bootcamp. Kim Kardashian goes there, and her booty’s pretty awesome, no?

I’d always thought it was going to be a terrifying experience, but I tried it yesterday, and it wasn’t too bad.

I was invited to an event that Women’s Health and Birchbox (referral link) were hosting at the Chelsea location, and I was a bit nervous.

photo 4.JPG

No, really, what was I getting myself into?

photo 3.JPG

First of all, the lighting in there is like a club, which is interesting.

Secondly, I SWEAR TO GOD I was standing in front of a fat mirror. I looked in that mirror and looked like I’d gained 10 pounds since walking in the room.

The class is in 4 segments: 2 on the treadmill, two on the floor doing strength work. I had no idea what the floor work would entail, but thought I could probably handle whatever the treadmill section threw at me but I wasn’t fast enough to get to the treadmill and started on the floor.

The first strength section was a pretty straightforward one: bicep curls, tricep curls, lunges, etc. After about 12 minutes, we switched groups and I got on the treadmill.

photo 1.JPG

Bring it on.

In the first treadmill section, we did a few sprints and then two long hill climbs. They were difficult, but not so difficult that I felt like I couldn’t do them. I haven’t messed with incline on a treadmill for a while, so it was a good way to mix it up for my legs.

photo 2.JPG

Next, we went back to the floor for our second set of floor exercises, with a resistance band. Most of these exercises were done on our hands and knees, and they KILLED my glutes. At one point, I slowed down a bit on a kicking my foot up in the air move (technical term) so as not to push too hard through my achy glute and the instructor came over to me to “correct” me, literally moving my foot up and down, which rubbed me the wrong way. I am all for pushing hard and working through exhaustion but I was nervous that I’d push too hard and he didn’t seem to understand that.

I shook that off and got back on the treadmill. The second set was back on the treadmill, and was all sprints. At some point in the first section, he said “I saw a 10.0!” to someone on the treadmill, and that became what I was shooting for. I did a minute-long interval at 9.5, several intervals at 10.0 and the last (30-second) interval at 10.2. Bam.

I got off the treadmill a sweaty mess. I usually don’t sweat much, but that was NOT the case yesterday.

While I wasn’t crazy about the instructor, it was a good workout, especially the treadmill part.



Afterwards, Malin + Goetz was providing free hand massages and Color Club was providing free manis. I’ve developed a weird obsession with having to have my nails painted at all times, so I was good on that front; I got a quick hand massage, which was lovely.

Have you ever tried Barry’s or a class with treadmills? (I know Equinox has one, but I was afraid to ever try it.) Are you a Birchbox subscriber?

23 comments on “I Went to Barry’s Bootcamp, but I Didn’t See Kim Kardashian

  1. Katie

    I love the idea of a class that incorporates a treadmill! I might have to track one down. My gym really caters to older people that just want to play squash and drink coffee so I may have to look elsewhere.

    I also love that you try new classes all of the time. I’m kind of a workout loner, but I often want to work out with other people. Truthfully, I don’t like the stress of having to make it to a class on time… I think I just need a personal assistant that doubles as a workout buddy. That would pretty much solve all of my problems šŸ™‚

    1. Theodora Post author

      I love love love trying new classes! My thing about stressing about making it on time is that I actually *don’t* plan too far in advance so that I’m not super-bummed if I can’t make it. I usually will decide within a few hours of the class whether I’m going to go or not.

  2. Dori

    I have the same obsession with having my nails perfect at all times! It started around the time of NYCM 2011 for me, so it’s been going on awhile. I haven’t tried Barry’s (I was signed up for their free classes the weekend they opened but didn’t feel well and canceled) and I’m not sure if I will, but I like hearing about first timers’ experiences.

  3. Laura Y

    I have also taken Barry’s Bootcamp and I had the same reaction as to “Where is Kim K?” It was a good workout the day I took it which was full body workout session.

    I have been a birchbox subscriber for more than a year. I have to say I discover some great hair products thanks to my box.

    I know mani/pedi’s for me are a must. They are my sanity check. I just realized my real nail art obsession is with Essie colors. I am obsessed with them and although OPI has some other colors I feel I can’t break up with Essie.

  4. Jen

    This basically sums up my Barry’s experience. Good workout, but I didn’t love the instructor, and it just wasn’t for me ultimately. I really want to try Birchbox! They seem like such a fun surprise to get every month.

  5. Nicole

    The instructor thing would have turned me off too! I understand correcting to get a move correct so that you don’t hurt yourself but to push you when you obviously weren’t slacking to begin with is not in my comfort zone.

    I have a goal that I someday want to do a workout at Barry’s! I loved reading this!

  6. Ash bear

    Anytime you want to go back, just let me know! I love my instructor but agree that makes all the difference. I love that the class is something I could use to inspire my own workout since it doesn’t use anything I wouldn’t have at a regular or hotel gym!

  7. Dane Thorsen

    A good instructor should motivate and inspire confidence in one’s own ability, as well as giving technical tuition. Your instincts are correct. If you stop trusting your own body, injuries happen.

  8. Barry's Instructor

    I was the Instructor during this class and know exactly who you were. There was a move in which the knee was suppose to be angled 90 degrees and if dropped, creates unsafe pressure. As soon as I saw yours drop, I ran and helped lifted it back into safe positioning. If you had stopped the exercise and taken a break, I wouldn’t have bothered. But instead you lowered it and continued to pulse, which could cause injury. Your reaction and tone made it very clear that you did NOT want to be touched or helped. In fact, I even mentioned to you at the end of the round that we are there to help and for no other reason.
    It’s unfortunate you walked away from class with these feelings, but I thought it was important to understand the full scope of the situation.
    I did notice that 10.0 sprint at the end and was excited for you to reach it..

  9. Stephanie

    I want to try Barry’s Bootcamp but I’m afraid! I’m pretty sure I’d fall off the treadmill if I put it on 10.0. I realllllly don’t want to be that girl, lol.

  10. Nicole

    I’ve done a class called Trekking–it’s so tough but I loved it! The instructor helped us set a baseline pace and incline and then we were supposed to never go under that. It came out to be about 35-40 min on the treadmill with a goal of up to 5 miles. And then we’d move to the floor to do some killer core work.
    I would’ve been distracted by the light…a little too red light district for me!

  11. Susan

    I went last night and I totally agree on the mirrors! Not flattering. But it was a great workout and I was drenched in sweat.

  12. Timothy

    Wow, I have not done that type of class before myself. It sounds quite challenging. I really enjoyed your description and could tell that you really were motivated. Might be worth a try sometime. We’ll see.


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