Crabcakes and Football: Two Great Annapolis Meals

So, spoiler alert: I did not die at the Zooma Half.


Full review TK soon – probably tomorrow – but for now, here’s a pretty Instagram picture.

I had two awesome meals (which I’m basically considering my last suppers as I start detoxing from a week at the beach this week) I wanted to share with you.


The night before the race, we attended a cmocktail party (don’t worry, I promise to never use that word again) at our hotel and ate at the restaurant in the hotel, because we heard from even an Annapolis local, Heidi, that West was good. And we had to be up early for the 7am start. [Full disclosure: Zooma provided Tina a comp room at the gorgeous, nautical-themed Loews Annapolis and Anne and I crashed her party.]

We sat down and saw that they had specials for runners. The waiter told us that the chef had done research into meals that would be good for runners. I went for the whole-wheat pasta with grilled chicken, squash, tomatoes, olives and feta. I’m pretty sensitive to dairy, and learned my lesson after Brooklyn and asked for the chef to go light on the feta. I think olives are disgusting, so I pushed them all to the side and let Anne and Tina pick at them. The portion size was perfect; I felt full without being overstuffed after finishing it.

2013-06-01 12.34.57-2.jpg

We’d all wanted crabcakes the night before the race but knew that wasn’t the time for them, so after the race we had a mission for crabcakes. Walking around the night before, I noticed Phillip’s right by the harbor. I knew it was a chain, so I sort of discounted it as potentially having good crabcakes. We asked the hotel concierge for her crabcake recommendation, though, and she recommended either here or West, in our hotel. Apparently West will be written up soon in some magazine as having really good crabcakes.

But we decided eating twice in our hotel would be kind of lame and ventured to Phillips. It had an open deck, so we were able to be out of the sun but still get a breeze off the harbor. The crabcake was delicious, but the fries in Old Bay were AMAZING. Can someone please fund a study about the health benefits of fries so I can eat them everyday? Thank you.

What’s your favorite post-race food? And what’s your favorite seafood? My favorite seafoods are lobster and scallops, but I love crabcakes when in the Maryland area. As for post-race food…hmm, I think whatever I can get my belly quickly! Although I always love a good post-race beer. I had a nice Phillips Amber Ale.

13 comments on “Crabcakes and Football: Two Great Annapolis Meals

  1. Heidi

    So glad you guys enjoyed West! They were a part of our big Junior League fundraiser this past year and have stellar reviews 🙂

  2. Kiersten

    Mmmm crab cakes. We went to Annapolis to visit friends this spring and I had crab 6 times in 4 days. I am from Maine, so I get good seafood here, but Maryland crab is the best!

  3. Maureen

    I love french fries in Old Bay. Seriously, one of my favorite foods ever. (If you’re ever in Philly, Chickie & Pete’s has some pretty great ones they call Crab Fries.) Post-race I usually crave something with a decent amount of salt, so it’s usually something like chicken fingers and french fries for me. And a good beer.

  4. Cate

    Looks like a great weekend! Those crab cakes look good! My favorite seafood is scallops and swordfish is a close second. My go-to post race e,al is a burger and fries… And usually an ice cold beer! Old Bay seasoning is sooooo good on fries!

  5. Rachel

    I was just thinking of you Theodora when I saw ads for the Philly marathon this fall. I know you’re running the Philly half. And Maureen beat me to saying Crabfries at Chickie’s and Pete’s. I was just there yesterday for my birthday. You gotta try the combo fries, a basket of traditional Crabfries and Sweet Crabbies (made with sweet potatoes). That’s ALL I ever get when I go to Chickie’s is Crabfries and beer.


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