Long Run Party!

I was supposed to be in Maine this weekend for my college roomie’s baby shower but there’s a lot going on this little life of mine, and I just couldn’t make it up there.

So Friday night, I found myself in town with a long run on my schedule and no running dates planned.


I usually run a few long runs each training cycle solo, but not usually this early in the cycle when I’m getting used to long runs again.

Luckily Ashley, Meghan and Jen had a long run party planned that they let me crash.


Friday, I’d had about 4-5 miles planned and my legs would literally have none of it. They have been feeling incredibly fatigued lately, and about 5 minutes into my run, I’d already felt like I was at mile 20 of a marathon. Um, no. I didn’t want to push my already-fatigued legs into a dangerous zone, so I bagged it and asked Jess what I should do about my long run. She said that hopefully the day of rest would be good for my legs and to give my long run a try, and if my legs still hated me, to bag it after 4-5 miles.

I met up with the girls in Union Square and hoped for the best. We ran east and then south down the East River. (See our full route on Ashley’s blog.) The first few miles were a little rough, but they always are. I just kept hoping that my legs would cooperate and I’d be able to finish the run. It’s been a long time since I doubted I could finish a long run, so that was an incredibly disheartening feeling to have.

I tried to not look at my watch and just to take each mile as it came as I chatted away with the girls, who were godsends yesterday. Having them there to distract me from my tired legs was wonderful.


Our run took us around the tip of Manhattan, and I got weirdly nostalgic for my old apartments down there. (I lived down there my first 2.5 years in the city.)

We split at 9 miles, but I still had three more to go, so I ran up another mile, back down and home. Although I’ve now run 12+ miles quite a few times, that feeling of satisfaction after a long run never goes away.


On tonight’s run, I found this serene little patch of a beach somewhere between Chelsea Piers and the ferry terminal. My legs still felt fatigued and I ran at a much slower pace than usual, but I listened to a Jillian Michaels podcast and had an amazingly calm run.

Solo runner or group runner? And what the eff do you do when your legs feel super-fatigued like this? I’m trying to foam roll more, focus on making sure I’m “fueling” well and I’m going to take an Epsom bath tonight, but would love to hear your tips.

18 comments on “Long Run Party!

  1. Ash Bear

    1. Make sure you’re not over training outside your runs (don’t think this is the case based on your workouts right now)
    2. Sleep in compression socks/sleeves
    3. Roll/use arnica or cooling gel
    4. Epsom
    5. Yoga
    6. Massage
    7. Drink more? πŸ™‚

  2. Niamhy Nowlin

    Ditto what Ash Bear said but especially compression socks/sleeves and massage.

    I have days when my legs feel really, really tired. According to the Hanson marathon training plan, running on tired legs is an excellent way to train for a marathon! As long as you don’t think you’re on the edge of an injury (and we’ve all been there), you could just push through and find that it stands you in good stead for the marathon.

    1. Theodora Post author

      That’s what I’m trying to figure out–that line of whether it’s the fatigue that makes you stronger or hurts you.

  3. Jen @ Jen's Best Life

    Yoga and massage combo can create miracles! I have the name and number of an awesome massage therapist who is incredibly reasonable by NYC standards. Happy to share if you want πŸ™‚

    And I’d try maybe moving around more throughout the day, lightly, to get blood moving more? Could help!

  4. Jessica R

    I rarely run with people but love it when I have the chance to run with a group. I’ll be in NYC this week and can’t wait to get some miles in with my sister. Speaking of, if you want a running partner this week (Wednesday-Saturday) let me know!

  5. Molly Ever After

    I’m a mix of a solo and group runner. I like doing shorter distances (anything under about 7-8 miles) by myself, but long runs can get really boring without someone to talk to. And usually, a day of rest helps with my tired legs.

  6. meghan @ little girl in the big world

    Lucky you finding people so last minute. I love doing long runs with people. I do a lot of weekday runs alone, but the longer runs are always more fun when chit chatting. Sorry about your legs! Mine have felt like that lately too. I’m having the hardest time getting in my allotted miles when they’re feeling like they do. But, it sounds like they’re hanging in there pretty well to get you through a 12 miler. That number always feels like an accomplishment to me too.

  7. Becky @ Olives n Wine

    I am a huge solo runner! I have the hardest time keeping a conversation during a long run! Just curious… what pace do you run your long runs at? I am training for my first marathon and am still trying to get an idea of how fast (or not fast) I should be running πŸ™‚

  8. Dana Glabeman

    I’m such a solo runner. It’s time that I use to focus in on me and go into a personal state where I’m a different person -stronger, more determined, more kick ass. I go early in the morning with just my dog so there’s no one around and it’s quiet. When my legs ache, I’ll wear compression socks, and for me, taking a calcium citrate pill with a big glass of water helps a lot.

  9. lauren alysse

    No tips here for the fatigue, but jealous of your fun long run! there are certain times when i enjoy running with others, but other times i love my new music and just going at it on my own.

    also the jillian michaels podcasts are the best!

  10. Leah

    When my legs are feeling fatigued I am loving my compression socks! I honestly live in them. I also like to do a serious foam roller session and then lay with my legs up the wall (if that makes sense?).

    Congrats on the long run. It is the best feeling!

  11. Philip Monaghan

    I used to be completely into fitness and nothing could beat a great run. Well done. I am now just getting back into working out as I had a bout of depression and just piled the weight back on. I am now dieting (the Eontu diet) and reading weightloss blogs to gain some insight into how people are successful and just for inspiration really. I have lost a stone in a month so far (just six stone to go) and love reading how other people are getting fit and healthy with diet and exercise. Your blog is fabulous and realistic which is what I like and quite similar to the Eontu blog mummy on a mission: a compelling read with touches of humour.


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