NYCM Training: 48 Days to Go!

I always love running, but I am currently back in love with running.

Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 10.03.05 PM.png

And DailyMile thinks I’m impressive. I mean, who am I to correct them?

Random DailyMile adjective or not, I’m really happy with my training again this week.


Monday: Meghann stopped in for a sleepover during her work trip, and I taught her that wine is really the best way to carb-load. We ran 7 miles on Monday morning. I knew she’d want to get some miles in because she’s training for an Ironman, so I told Jess I wanted to run about 6-8 with Meghann and to please build it in. My Garmin couldn’t find satellites quickly enough for me, so we went off with no satellites, and I just used the watch as a timer, and we turned around at 35 minutes, figuring that would be at least 7 miles by the time we were done.

Tuesday: rest day.


Wednesday: Hills that kill. I bitched, but it was a good and tough workout. Running up to 102nd, I was all “this isn’t bad!” But then at 102, I picked up the pace and plodded up and flew down the hill. I honestly thought that hills were going to be terrible once I got to the loop, but it went relatively quickly. One more loop, and I might have died, however. I felt pretty good on the hills without much specific hill training the last time I ran NYCM, so this time, those hills better watch out for me.

Thursday: rest

Friday: 4 mile easy run, without my watch. I am falling in serious love with the Garmin-free easy miles. It makes them so much more enjoyable. It’s the easiest for me with 4 miles, because that is my preferred mid-week distance when not training for anything, so I know my exact turnaround point.


Saturday: very serious 3-mile shakeout run in Philly


Sunday: Philly Half/a 13.1 sorta goal pace run. Whatever it was, I felt really good. I really never thought that 1:55 would be my just-taking-it-kinda easy pace. I remember fighting so hard for sub-2 and then 1:55 a few months later, so Sunday’s run was a massive confidence-builder.

Still kind of sucking on the strength training/yoga portion of my training, but my running is super-solid, and I’m going to do a YogaGlo short workout after I hit post, and I’ve booked an Uplift class for Wednesday.


How’s your training going? Do you have times that you’re in love with running?

16 comments on “NYCM Training: 48 Days to Go!

  1. Jen

    I would totally be in love with running right now if my hamstring weren’t being a bitch! Bitch ass hamstring, sigh.

    In other news, Uplift date when I’m back in the city (after the 25th)??

  2. Dori

    I absolutely have times I am completely in love with running. I’ve been in and out of those depending on the week this training cycle, but most IN!

  3. Becky @ Olives n Wine

    This post is so happy – you can really tell you seriously enjoyed your training this week! I – like you – always love running but currently I’m not in love with it. I know it’ll come back but I definitely am not feeling the love right now 😉

  4. Charlie @therunnerbeans

    NYCM training didn’t go great last week, and the rain isn’t helping things this week! Trying to be ‘back on it’ this week, although 18 miles pre-work on Friday is going to be tough! You look like you’re going to smash the NYCM this year!

  5. Ashley

    I’m a little hesitant with running at the moment. . . I had my easiest long run EVER last weekend. On a treadmill. WTH. With Denver’s weather the past week, I wasn’t risking any trails around the city, so my runs have all been indoors. I always get anxious when I get comfortable with treadmill running, because I feel like i start every every time I hit the great outdoors again.
    I’m attempting an outdoor run today, fingers crossed.

  6. Stephanie

    Can you share some of that running love? I’m training for NYC too and cannot seem to muster the energy and excitement for running at all right now. I’m just going to keep reading your blog and hoping it will rub off on me!


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