That Day I Ran Two Races

Yesterday was an EPIC day of running.

I’m so happy to have been having a great running streak to balance out my awful summer of running. All summer, I hoped this would be the case, and it is. WOOT!


Run 10 Feed 10

The first race I ran yesterday was the Run 10 Feed 10. (I didn’t blog about it earlier last week in my upcoming races post because it was a super last-minute decision.)

For every registration, 10 meals were donated to people in need in that runner’s community. They’re running races in Chicago and San Francisco and doing untimed “fun runs” in Boston, L.A., Miami and Seattle–and you can also do a virtual 10K. I was given a free media bib, but I will also be making a donation, and you can do so here, too.

I was also planning on running the 5th Ave Mile later yesterday and running 11-12 miles in between, so I was really nervous about how this would all go down, to be honest.


But, it was a gorgeous day for running, even though it started awfully early. The race started at 7, and I got there around 6:45. It started at the Intrepid, went down the West Side Highway for 3.1 miles and turned around, coming back up the bike path.


And found my buddy Gia. (Photo via her Instagram.)

We’d both discussed that we weren’t racing it, but she’s way faster than me so I still thought she’d go ahead of me and I’d just hang out around 9:00ish miles for 6.2.

Well, we started running together…and then kept running together, chatting away. The pace never felt easy per se, but it never felt difficult either. When we hit the turnaround at 3.1, I realized my time was around 25:00. My “first” 5K (the first 5K I ran the whole thing), which also ran down the West Side Highway (anyone else remember the Sloan-Kettering Rock & Run on the River??), I finished in 35:39. I was ecstatic when I realized how much faster I was finishing a 5K in a race I wasn’t even “racing.”

Uh, or so I thought. I kept telling Gia I thought we needed to slow down a bit, but we didn’t much. We hit 6 miles around 49ish, and I knew I had a PR in me. Wha?? I told Gia this, and she said “ok, let’s pick it up then!” Um, done.

We crossed the finish line at 51:07, which was more than a minute off of my previous 10K PR!

+ 11 miles

But I still had 11-12 miles to go. I was having an internal debate with myself – since I was already breaking up my long run, should I just do all 12 at once instead of doing 11 and then pausing again and doing 1 more? I figured for one mile either way, it wouldn’t matter and that I’d see how my legs felt.

NOT GOOD is how my legs felt. My master plan upon finishing the race was to run 7 up the West Side Highway, 5 back down and walk across around 79th.

Those first few miles sucked beyond all belief, as you might guess. SoulCycle shares some of their playlists on Spotify, and I rocked out to 90s rock (and felt old) for the first 5-6 miles until my phone’s battery got dangerously low.


It just so happened that 7 miles happened to be the Little Red Lighthouse! I stopped here and stretched my sore, sore calves for a minute…and wondered how I’d race a mile. I turned around and hobbled 4 more miles down to about 104th and started walking – and ran into Beth, Steph, Kim and Ali. I was so happy to see them!

I started walking east to 5th Ave. In my run-dumbness, I totally confused Central Park West with 5th Ave and ended up taking a cab across the park to make it to my heat in time, cursing my own stupidity the entire way.

I made it to the real 5th Ave., and it was time to run a mile! I met back up with Gia, and we also ran into Ali! It was the second time this weekend I’d seen her, and it was awesome to see her feeling better.

+ 5th Ave. Mile


Thanks to Erica for getting this shot of me and for making pretty necklaces. No thanks to Erica for leaving NYC. That makes me sad.

Gia and I lined up for the media heat, and it was TINY. There was a total of 23 people! I have never run a small race, and my high school track days were severely limited, so I wasn’t prepared for the pressure I’d feel running with so few people and so many people watching! I just hoped I wouldn’t be last.

The gun went off, and everyone TOOK OFF! I started off fast, thinking I could do anything for a mile. You know, after I’d already run 17. LOL. My legs gave me a quick wakeup call, and I concentrated on running “strong” and not looking at my Garmin. I hit the 1/4 mark and thought “3/4 MORE? SERIOUSLY?” I remembered reading that there was a hill that crested at the 1/2 mile marker, and I decided to back off a tiny bit until I crested that hill. I tried really hard not to look at the street signs either, focusing just on running as fast as I could. I hit the 1/2 mile and gave it all I had.

I did sneak a peek at the 1/2 mile and was around 3:30ish. I wanted to finish sub-7, so I knew I really had to pick it up. (I was really pleasantly surprised at this point that I was pacing for sub-7!) I cruised past the 3/4 mile marker and started seeing the finish line and the 200m, etc. signs. IT WAS ON.

I crossed the finish line, tried to wait a second to pause my Garmin…and it was over? Already?

My official results aren’t up yet because Gia and I had some bib confusion, but my Garmin said:



I really want to do this race next year…and not run 17 miles first.

Yesterday, I ran two races and 11 miles in between. I PR-ed twice in one day.

Yesterday was pretty awesome.

Have you ever run more than one race in one day? Have you ever run a mile race?? I did not realize how FUN/painful short races can be!

23 comments on “That Day I Ran Two Races

  1. Meredith @ The Cookie ChRUNicles

    You did awesome. I have never run more than one race in a day nor have I put in as many miles as you did in the day, race or not. Good for you. The weather was really beautiful – I didn’t run the RUN10FEED10 but my cousin did and I promoted the race on my blog. Great cause.

  2. Amy

    I don’t comment very often but I have to tell you that was AWESOME! Great job Theodora! You are such an inspiration to me. 🙂

  3. Kim

    So good to see you in the midst of your crazy PR racing and long running! And Erica got a great pic on 5th ave with those awesome new shoes! Love them.

  4. Dori

    Congrats!!! I think you and me both need to find a 10K race in the near future. Obviously I knew you’d do your mile in the 6 range, but after 17 miles it is SO insanely impressive.

  5. Fiona

    6:49?? After 17 miles AND a PR first? I cannot get over how excited I am for your speediness! Insanely awesome.

    (Although I disapprove of all this running success we are having not running together. This needs to be recitfied.).


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