Merry Christmas 2013!

Happy…Boxing Day?

How is Christmas over already?

I’ve had a really lovely past few days since the cookie swap.

I worked Monday but have been off since (though doing some work at home because, hi, fitness company, January coming up.) I had breakfast with Jess on Tuesday at Hu Kitchen. (GO AND GET THEIR DELISH BREAKFAST BURRITO.) We sat there and caught up for two hours, which was an amazing treat on a Tuesday morning. Afterwards, I finished up some shopping and then went for a run because it was nice and warm, and I’ve turned into a total fair-weather runner.

My parents came in, and I surprised my mom with an iPhone (pro tip: it’s pretty hard to buy someone a phone as a surprise, you basically have to have them there) and then we did some touristy stuff.

Losing Weight in the City - Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

I mean, we really couldn’t not go. It was so crowded, but I didn’t care for a second, and neither did anyone else. Everyone was so happy. We walked up Fifth Ave, looking at all of the storefronts, and my sappy self nearly started crying in front of Saks hearing the Christmas music looking at the windows. It was a wonderful and special moment with my mom, and I felt like I was in a movie for a second. It terrifies me beyond belief that my parents are getting older, so I really savor time spent with them.

For dinner, the three of us went to Puttanesca, which we’d last been to a few years ago before the NYC Half. My mom liked it, so when my picky mom requests a place, I SAY YES.



Christmas and today have been quiet but filled with lots of wonderful food, of course.



I love my family and all, but if my mom ever stops making her meatballs, I might stop coming home.



OMG this strawberry and banana mousse cake from the Market Basket. TO DIE FOR.

Other than that, I’ve been living in the Lululemon Studio Pants I got for Christmas. They are actually life-changing. (In that none of my pants will continue to fit if I wear these glorified sweatpants all the time.)

I did make it to a ridiculously difficult hot yoga class this morning at FireShaper. I’ve taken hard classes and hot classes, but this is the hardest hot yoga class I’ve ever taken. Oh man, was it humbling. And the instructor’s voice was really annoying. I got a good sweat out of it, but definitely not the sweat + relaxation I was looking for.

How was your holiday??  Tell me yoga instructor horror stories, too.

9 comments on “Merry Christmas 2013!

  1. Kristine

    Ahhhh that looks so festive, I’m so jealous. I love when my mom comes into SF for a touristy girls day too. (I also won’t even talk about parents getting older. I refuse to.) I once had this yoga instructor that would literally dane and jump around the room when we were all in savasana (I probably spelled that wrong – the lying down at the end pose) with incense. My friend and I would always peek when we were supposed to be “sleeping” (can you tell I’m terrible at yoga?) and he would always be dancing. It was hysterical. I got Lulu sweats and I’m literally never taking them off either. Hope you had a Merry Christmas! (The Italian in me approves of all that food!)

  2. meghan @ little girl in the big world

    I’m glad you had a good Christmas Theodora! I spent time with my family and had the same thoughts as you did. I can’t stand seeing everyone getting older; being with my Grandma, who is 85 now, was probably the toughest part. I clicked over to those studio pants, and I immediately wanted them. I don’t own any lululemon loungewear, though I feel like my entire running wardrobe is lulu. Now I’ve added those to my mental list, so I’m sure at some point if they go on sale or I’m in an especially spendy mood I’ll have to make them mine.

  3. katie

    Hooray for tough yoga classes! But that stinks when you don’t vibe with the instructor! After classes like that I usually go for a walk, it helps clear my head and shake off the annoying voice.

  4. Tracy Schwartz

    When appeared I was confused for a second, but then realized the new blog! Congrats! Every year on Christmas Eve my family would go to the tree and then Chinatown for Chinese at Wo-Hop!

  5. Cathryn

    YES to Boxing Day. As a Brit in America, I can’t understand how such a civilized country will send its people back to work the day after Christmas. Brutal!!!

    And yes to treasuring every second with parents. Mine are mid-60s and fit as fleas, but the prospect of them ever NOT being is unbearable! Glad you had a good Christmas!

  6. Irina

    Ha I attend a yoga class every Thursday and the most annoying teacher hosts it! It’s the only time of day I can go so I can’t really skip it unless I go to another Equinox. But she just repeats the same things over and over and calls everyone “my loves” and “my lovelies”…no, just no.

    My parents came here for the holidays as well and we braved it out at Rockefeller Center. So beautiful! I always think about my parents getting older too and it’s absolutely terrifying to the point where I can get anxiety about it if I dwell too much. I couldn’t agree more – we need to savor these moments spent with them!

    Happy holidays!


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