Welcome to Preppy Runner!

Notice something different???


In 2009, I wanted to lose 50 pounds, so I started a blog.

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First, I started on Blogger. I hated it immediately (and still do and try to convince everyone I know to move off Blogger.) I moved my blog over to Tumblr, where it hung out for awhile. (I still feed all my posts there if you prefer to follow there.) I loved Tumblr to death and made some awesome friends through the platform, but I wanted more for my blog technologically, and I wanted it to look a bit more professional.


For awhile, I loved the look of this blog. It captured me, Bailey, my love for NYC, an oddly phallic building that I didn’t notice until a few months ago and now cannot unsee, running and the font captured a bit of the whimsy of my personality.

I didn’t think much about the name when I started my blog. I was trying to lose weight. I was in the city. And Losing Weight in the City was born. I had no idea what this blog would become. I had no idea it would help me make so many wonderful friends, open the door for so many cool opportunities and become such a major part of my life. I wasn’t completely positive I’d actually lose 50 pounds, or that I’d stick with the blog, but I shocked myself by sticking to both.

So here I found myself: nearly five years later and nearly 50 pounds lighter. (I say nearly because weight fluctuation is awesome.) Once I met my goal weight several years ago, and it became clear I might stick with this blog thing, the name started to embarrass me a bit. I’d meet people at events and say my blog name, and they’d try to give me weight-loss advice. “No, I’ve lost the 50 pounds already…”

But what would I change it to?? It felt like all the good blog names were taken, and I was trying to avoid some of the common blog name formulas. A few years ago, I thought I’d maybe want to change the name to something to do with running, but what if I didn’t stick with running? Four marathons, 20+ halfs later and a running coaching certification later, I think I just might stick with it.

I was in the shower a few months ago (where all great ideas come from, duh) and probably thinking about what I’d wear when I got out and it came to me. PREPPY RUNNER! As soon as I toweled off, I grabbed my phone to check if anyone had registered the domain. THEY HAD NOT!

Finally, I had a new blog name I was excited about!

I sort of like preppy clothes, and I sort of like running, so it works.

Content-wise, this probably won’t change things too, too much, although given that I now work in fitness in addition to blogging about it, you may find some more lifestyle-ish sort of content when I need a break from thinking about burpees and barbells. (Ahem, C. Wonder is having an amazing sale right now.)

So, welcome! And thanks to the lovely Natasha from My Cute Lobster (I swear I didn’t hire her just for the name, but I do love it) for bearing with me to make all of this happen! We’re still working through a few kinks, but please let me know if you notice anything that appears to be not right. All posts from Losing Weight in the City should just redirect over to Preppy Runner.

28 comments on “Welcome to Preppy Runner!

  1. Kristine

    I LOVE IT. So, so much. I think it’s completely fitting! And PLEASE share your Lily, C. Wonder, J.Crew, etc finds with the the internet – I’m always looking for more inspiration!

  2. Katie @ Live Half Full

    Love the new look, so bright and preppy! πŸ˜‰ I can’t wait for your lifestyle posts- since you’re “day in the life” are the ones I like best, and I’m always interested when people share how they balance it all.

  3. Katie @ Talk Less, Say More

    Love it! I remember there was a time I thought about changing my blog name to something more fitness related because that’s what my focus was leaning but I am glad I stuck with it as I think it’s more encompassing of the changes in my life and therefore in the content that may appear. It’s important to have a blog name that you like and feels like it represents you – congrats! πŸ™‚

  4. patty

    Love your new look! Now I also cant unsee that building lol
    I love your blog so I will still be reading all your posts but look forward to the lifestyle posts as well!

  5. Chrissy

    Congrats on the move! As the proud owner of The Preppy Handbook in high school, I am loving the new name and look. I look forward to reading. Happy New Year and Happy New Look!

  6. Katie

    Yay!!! I think its very important to think long and hard about what blog name a person chooses, and I love this one! I wanted to call my blog katie “moving” forward, but a friend thought it inferred that I had something dramatic in my past (which I really don’t). So katie “looking” forward was born!


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