That Last Little Running Goal!

Today, I finished one more goal that I’d wanted to achieve by the end of the year.

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 5.21.16 PM

A few weeks ago, I noticed I was within about 30 miles of hitting 1,000 for the year. Other years, I’d come really close but just couldn’t get it together to push myself to meet an arbitrary number goal.

This year, I did.

I didn’t say anything about it here just in case I didn’t end up doing it, but as of last week, I realized I had about 20 miles to go. I topped out at 47 miles per week in marathon training, I could make myself run about 20 miles in a little over a week…and I did.

Yesterday, I got out of bed at 6 on my day off and hopped on the subway to go uptown to run with Beth, running 6.5 miles in the park and then back downtown. Today, I just had 2.5 miles to go, but I just didn’t want to. It was cold, etc, and I had every excuse in the book for myself.

Shut up and run, Theodora. Don’t let this (silly) goal go when you are that close. I remembered a really cold run from last year, and remembered that 2.5 miles would take me no longer than 25 minutes. Shut up and go, Theodora.

I went, came back, and logged those last 2.5 miles in my DailyMile account.

And it was a little anticlimactic.

No little running sneaker confetti fell down the screen.

I didn’t get a special badge or email.

Shalane didn’t email me and ask me to be besties and running buddies.

But I accomplished this little goal, and I also ran the distance between NYC and Florida in one year, which is crazy when you think of it that way. I probably forgot to log a few runs along the way so I’m probably a little more over 1,000, but I just had to see that on my screen.

I personally do NOT have a workout planned for tomorrow (I’m not planning on drinking much tonight (famous last words?) but tomorrow seems like a good day to take a rest day), but I wanted to pass on this opportunity some of you might be interested in.

Lifetime Fitness and the American Heart Association partnered for the Commitment Day 5K, a fun run/walk in 35 different cities across the U.S. You can use the code FRIENDS for $5 off your registration!

Happy New Year’s! What do you have planned for tonight? How many miles did you run this year? Are you planning a workout tomorrow or are you taking a rest day, too?ƂĀ 

10 comments on “That Last Little Running Goal!

  1. Kristen @ Glitter and Dust

    Congratulations on logging 1,000 miles is 2013… must feel great! I’ve never kept track of my mileage in a single year, but I think I just might in 2014 – so thanks for the idea. šŸ™‚ My husband and I are having a low key NYE – movies, wine, popcorn, fire – just perfect for us. I agreed to partake in a “who can run the most miles in January” competition with a number of friends, therefore I will be running tomorrow!

  2. meghan @ little girl in the big world

    Congrats Theodora! Although an arbitrary goal, it does seem so symbolic for some reason. Good job getting there! I ran 852 miles, though my goal was 1,000. Being out with a stress fracture for 2+ months definitely held me back for that one. I’m going for it again in 2013 along with some big biking and swimming goal numbers. Happy New Year!

  3. Ashley

    I also hit 1000 miles this year! I was pretty stoked about it, and ALSO didn’t mention it on the blog until I hit it. Talk about trusting myself šŸ˜‰

  4. Laura @ This is Thirty

    Congratulations on 1000 miles – amazing! I switched between 3 different running logs this year, and didn’t transfer miles so I have NO idea how many miles I logged. Really, silly, I know – I’m going to track on just one app this year!


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