My Non-Goal Goals for 2014


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Me=freaking out small children since approximately, forever. But good lord, Gia’s little lady is THE CUTEST.

I spent the first half of the evening at a party Gia and her family threw at B Bar, and the second half at a cozier party at Lacey’s. (Fun fact: Lacey moved into Ashley’s old apartment. It’s not at all weird seeing one best friend in another’s old apartment.)

I woke up yesterday feeling like crap. Nope, not hungover (yay!), but I woke up feeling really sick. Awesome way to start the new year.

In past years, I’ve written some goals or resolution posts.

As I wrote the other day, last year was a lot of pushing, with some letting go and letting things be.

I achieved a lot last year that I’m happy about and proud of, so I really don’t have any major goals for the year right now, and it feels like it’d be a bit arbitrary to set a goal right now just because it’s the beginning of the year (though I’m sure I’ll have some goals I decide on and then set my heart on later.)

I loved Tina’s post about living every day like it was New Year’s Day. It’s true. January 1st, February 11th (my birthday, as long as we’re picking random dates), they’re as good as any to make goals. It’s never too late to start over.

As long as we’re talking about awesome New Year’s posts, Anne also wrote one about breaking your big goals up into smaller ones, so you can actually achieve them. (Can I also just say how proud I am of her for freaking killing it starting her own business since finishing grad school??)

But if you are setting resolutions, here’s some tips on how to stick with ’em.

Personally, I’m just going to pick some things I’d like to focus on.

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Job: It’s new. Work my ass off. That’s all.

Fitness: I’ll be doing the Uplift Challenge for the next two months. I’ll learn more details about exactly what it is next week, but I’d like to really take it seriously to see what kind of results I can get out of it.

Running: This falls under fitness, duh, but my current goal is actually not to set any goal at all for running. Sure, I’d love to shoot for a BQ in the next few years, and I think with hard work, a 1:45 half might be something doable in the next year or so, but after a year or so of really hard training, I’m good right now. One of my best friends will be running the New York City Marathon as her first marathon back pre-baby later this year, and I’d love to join her and run for fun if possible.

Triathlons: Have fun! I definitely want to do the Franklin Lakes Tri again, and I’m even considering a 70.3. Triathlons feel like they could be a good, fun new challenge.

Life: Slow the eff down. Stay home more. Eat in more.

What about you? Resolutions or not for 2014?

18 comments on “My Non-Goal Goals for 2014

  1. Lisa @ The Skinny on Health

    That little girl is precious! My resolutions this year are small and easy to keep: improve my posture, wear bright colors, (try to) be more patient and forgiving! Everyone stresses themselves out so much by striving to be perfect every January and setting all these crazy goals for themselves, you have the right idea here! 🙂

    Happy new year!

    Lisa @ The Skinny on Health

  2. Tracy Schwartz

    I am going to make a conscious effort to eat in more; which should be easy since I will be working from home most days! No more buying lunches or stopping for a quick dinner on the way home. Although I guess what would mean I would need to start cooking and turning on the stove and oven…will see how that goes. I want to focus more on health as well! And finally I want to focus on the small things( sending cards/snail mail); calling friends and family rather then just a text. No major goals since I have never been one to make them!

    Love the new blog! Happy New Year Theodora!

  3. Kristine

    Not so much resolutions but more like goals for the year (Be Happy, Live Authentically, Organize, etc). But fitness related I’m shooting for a sub-1:50 half, a personal trainer certification (to help know more about people’s bodies when teaching Pilates to clients not in their 20’s and 30’s), and to stay present. I tend to dwell and overthink on things happening in the future and it takes me out of the moment I’m fully living in. Also yoga – more yoga in 2014.

  4. Sabrina

    I made a few goals and then I picked a word as a theme, or idea of the year. I want to FINISH. I want to see everything through which is something I am rather horrible at.

  5. Anne

    Aww. thank you! So proud of you, too, for hanging in there during your tough first part of the year. And so happy how well it all worked out in the end! 🙂

  6. Shannon

    Let me know about the Franklin Lakes tri!! I definitely want to do a HIM at some point too, but I want to get a few more Olympic distances under my belt (I’m doing the NYC tri again this year, and am considering adding another Olympic to my schedule).

    My goals for this year are to take a photoshop class (helpful for work), read at least 2 books / month and do one unique “New York” thing every month. I’ve gotten into a rut of just working, exercising and going to the same 5 bars, which is lame because I live HERE!

  7. elizabeth e

    i have a few goals — finish the pure barre 40 in 60, run my first half marathon, read more, try new restaurants, send birthday cards — and it helped me to make them specific. not just “lose weight.” i did lose 35 lbs in 2013, and i’d love to get to the no-longer-losing phase, but i think that’s a bit of a ways off!

  8. Katie @ Live Half Full

    I’m like you- I set eight intentions for the new year and making monthly mini goals to reach those intentions.

    My intentions were: Say Yes (to more things socially), Move Forward (save for a house, etc.), Think Long Term (career), Celebrate (send Birthday cards), Unplug (more), Be consistent (with working out), Listen to my body (with food), Get Healthy (heal my injury) and Get Healthy (lose some post wedding weight the right way).


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