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Greetings from the sorta friendly skies (where this post was started.) 

I’m heading down to Miami to play with Gia, Meggie and K-Scott (aka RB on Gia’s blog.) Oh, and I guess run a half on Sunday. I haven’t been running much at all lately, so this will be a big science experiment to see how well one can run in the heat after not running for a while. Cool.

This is also my first vacation day since starting my new job in October. I actually was really lucky and took a bunch of trips last year – St. Croix, Puerto Rico, Sonoma, OBX, Hamptons, Dallas – but from February on, I had so much looming uncertainty hanging over my head. As much as I tried to just be there in the moment, it was hard not to worry about what awaited me upon return. Now, I leave knowing I’m coming back to a job I love, my upcoming birthday, my Junior League ball, and some more exciting stuff I can blog about soon but not yet!

I’ve been using this running downtime to do whatever damn workout I please – and I’m loving that. Here’s what this week of workouts has looked like for me:

Sunday: SoulCycle for Meggie’s birthday. I love Soul but try to make it a special treat that I save for when no other workout sounds appealing. I’d been sick all of last week, so the first few songs were tough, but the arm section (which comes about 2/3 of the way in) came around before I knew it.

Monday: Didn’t get into an Uplift class in the morning, and went for drinks with my dear friend Julie at night. Totally worth skipping a workout for.

Tuesday: CardioSculpt at work…because I work at a fitness company. We usually have a few people working out to one of our videos every day, which is really cool. I usually don’t tear myself away from my desk unless I have no other workout planned or a slower workday, though.

Wednesday AM: OMG, Wednesday. I started the day off with Strength at Uplift. To be honest, I wanted to cancel this class because I was planning on going to CrossFit at night for an event, but it was too late by the time I remembered this on Tuesday night. 



Wednesday PM: My boss got invited to a CrossFit media event at CrossFit NYC and brought me as her plus-one, because she’s hazing me. For you CrossFit people: we did Fight Gone Bad. For none-CrossFit people: this is one of their benchmark workouts that they use to measure your progress. It was a five-exercise circuit that included one minute each of: rowing, overhead presses, kettlebell swings, wall balls (sweet Jesus) and box jumps. You teamed up with a partner and each person did the circuit three times while the other person counted their reps and cheered them on. 

I did a CrossFit workout once at the Reebok CrossFit, and they definitely went pretty easy on us since it was a media event. That didn’t happen this time. This workout was totally legit, and I really get now why you CrossFit people like this stuff, BUT we were one of three classes going on at the time, which was incredibly overwhelming to me.

Thursday PM: I try to go to Uplift in the morning because I can just get it out of the way and then don’t have to worry about getting stuck at work or fun plans coming up that I can’t do because I have a workout… but that means I miss out on Chelsea’s class. I <3 her Sculpt Fusion class so much and I’m always happy when I can fit it in. But good lord were my muscles sore from CrossFit, particularly my shoulder muscles.

We’re staying at Canyon Ranch this weekend, which I’m really excited for. Gia says they have lots of fitness classes, but I’d be happy to just do a whole bunch of yoga. Or lay on the beach.



^ Pre-landing. We went for a run and then spent most of the afternoon by the pool. 

Tell me about your week of workouts! And where you’d escape to right now if you could? 

6 comments on “Workouts Lately

  1. Abi@AbsofSteel

    all those workouts sound like so much fun! I had a body crushing bootcamp workout on wednesday that made me question if I was really that in shape after all, I’ve simply come to the conclusion that working out hard never gets easy.

  2. Katie @ Talk Less, Say More

    Have a good trip!

    I haven’t really taken a trip since starting my new job in October but I’ll ish get one when I go to OK in March for my cousin’s wedding…it hardly counts but it will mean a couple days when I’ll take (some) the pressure off myself to get stuff done. 😉

  3. Eve

    You are incredibly hardcore! Look at all those strength workouts. Wow. I live in San Diego, so we’re lucky to not have to escape the cold. I have a (hilly!) 15K in March that I need to get serious about training for. I’ve been topping out at 5-6 miles since my half marathon in October, which won’t quite get ‘er done. Thanks for the inspiration!


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