A Wake-Up Call

Since I started running halfs four years ago (WHOA!), my goal has generally been to be half-marathon ready at any time. And considering I’ve run more than 20 halfs in those four years, I’ve done pretty well at that.

Some have been awesome; some have been terrible. Most have, thankfully, been somewhere in between.

I thought the Miami Half would be terrible, given my lack of training and the heat, and I STILL don’t regret my decision to not run it. (Though I bet it would have been pretty.)

However, I ran twice while there: Friday morning and Sunday morning, lengths of 4 miles and 6-ish miles. The 4 miles was pretty close to hell. It was hot, I’d barely been running, and, oh, I’d gotten 4 hours of sleep the night before getting up early for my flight. The 6 was a little better, but still not the easiest ever.

But THE ENDORPHINS! They were back and then some. Part of it had to be the gorgeous sunshine, but I realized how much I missed running. I’m glad I took a while to not push myself to run, because I’m back and I’m ready. I ran a nice little 3 miles on the treadmill this morning and was endorphin-hammered when I got to work. I love Uplift and all of the other classes I’ve been taking, but they just can’t match that run high.

Also, I was in the best shape I’d been in a few years last year when I was working out at Uplift in conjunction with my half-marathon training, so I really need to add the cardio back. For my heart, for my sanity, for results.

I also had dinner with my buddy Tina tonight. I was tired and lazy after work, but as you can see, she’s pregnant, so I know she’ll be making less trips down here after Baby H comes, and I’m glad I got to catch up with her. Is she not the most glowing little pregnant thing??

Also, I really like my skirt from my StitchFix. (< referral link) It’s nice to get out of yoga pants sometimes, and I’m also at the point of winter where I don’t care how cold I am, and I just want to start wearing cute stuff again.

Do you take running breaks after long/back-to-back training cycles? How long does it take for you to come back? What do you do on your hiatus? 

6 comments on “A Wake-Up Call

  1. Dori

    I take a running break every winter, and when I come back in the spring I am always faster and so excited to be running again! Breaks are really necessary to appreciate running more and avoid burnout, and just to mix things up with your body so you aren’t always doing the exact same thing. I’m getting to the point now where I ran a couple times, and can’t wait to make it a more regular thing once this weather lets up!

    1. katie

      @Dori: I took a running break this winter also! I’m just starting to ease back in with 2 – 20 minute runs this week. I’m trying to up my mileage slowly this year, instead of going from 0 miles per week to 20 miles per week, as I dealt with injuries last year. I’m being super conscious of only going up by 10% each week!

  2. Jane

    I’ve realized running breaks are a good thing but it’s just so hard to get myself back into it (i.e. the Miami Half I did terribly in! haha).

    I’ll agree with doing a combination of things. I was in the best shape last spring when I was half marathon training (did 3 halfs) and doing strength 3x a week. I did so much running in the fall then tried to make up for it by strength training all winter. I can’t find a balance!


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