Secrets to a Good Hair Day

I wanted to write about world peace tonight, but I have finally discovered the secret to a good hair day, so I will write about that instead, since they’re basically the same thing.


Please refer back to creepy picture of me patting Tina’s preg belly.

I have a ton of hair, and it’s kind of light and straight, if you hadn’t noticed. I also work out a ton. I have been addicted to peroxide since I was 16, so I also need to factor color-treatedness into my haircare regimen.

My hair has been dry as hell all winter, and I’ve been playing with different combinations of products to find the right ones, and I stumbled upon it the other night.

I use a combination of salon and drugstore products. 

Shampoo: Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Shampoo for Color Treated Hair. I will cry if they discontinue this. It cleans better than any fancier shampoo I’ve tried without stripping my hair of color or moisture.

Conditioner: John Frieda Sheer Blonde. They must have changed the formula of this within the past few years, because it used to be crap and is now magic. It moisturizes your hair without weighing it down and apparently brightens it a bit? Not sure how much I buy that, but I like this stuff.

Detangler: Bumble + Bumble Tonic is the stuff magic is made of. I lose my little spray bottles on every single trip I go on, so before every single trip, I go buy more little spray bottles so I can fill them with tonic. If I forget tonic, I will contemplate not washing my hair so I can avoid the mess of unruly thick hair I’ll face if I don’t use it.

Healing Oil: Arrojo Healing Oil. I get this one from my salon, but you can get it online. It makes your hair really silky AND speeds up blow-drying. I hate blow-drying my hair with the fire of a million suns, but I like how it looks smooth and straight, and this really does speed up the dry. It’s not cheap, but you only use a little of it at a time.

Brilliantine: I don’t even know how to categorize this stuff, but it’s also amazing. The healing oil still leaves some flyaways and not much texture, and this helps me get my hair to look a little piece-y and shiny. Also not cheap, but I use a tiny dab.

Hairspray: L’Oreal Elnett. I found this one at Duane Reade, and it’s good to finish things off, and tousle my hair a bit.

Straightener: GHD I’ve had this since I graduated college in 2005! It’s paid for itself and then some. This is the longest relationship I have ever been in, and I will cry ugly tears if we ever break up.

Hairdryer: No idea what brand it is, but I got it at a salon, and it’s ionic (which supposedly damages your hair less.)

What hair products are you obsessed with? 

11 comments on “Secrets to a Good Hair Day

  1. Cindy

    I love Tonic. Love it. I need to check out the Sheer blonde conditioner. I am not a fan of the newest conditioner I recently got, so, I hope they sell it in the UK!

  2. Denise @ Do you have that in my size???

    I love Bumble and bumble’s curl conscious holding foam. I have super fine, wavy hair and since I started losing weight last year it’s been falling out, too, so having a styling product that gives me some shape and body without weighing down the hair I have left is important. I sometimes use their curl conscious defining creme, too, if I’m in the mood to do more than just blow dry with the diffuser and go.

  3. Katie @ Live Half Full

    I loooove my GHD! I had my first one for three years and it suddenly broke. I bought it from a salon so I didn’t have a warranty but I was so distraught without it I bought one the next time. That thing is a game changer, I tell ya!

  4. Meggie

    Children’s detangled

    Kiehl’s straightening cream

    Dry Bar blow dryer (expensive but actually worth it)

    And I buy shampoo and conditioner based on smell…a very scientific and time consuming process…I spend hours in CVS…hmm which smells better?

  5. Julia

    I am looking to try a new healing oil. Looks like the Arrojo will be my first. Thanks for the tips. This is a really great writeup. Thanks.


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