A Time for Rest

I got home from LA Monday morning, went straight to work and worked until 8pm. 

I wasn’t even pretending that I was working out Monday after flying all night and working all day. 

For two months, I worked out hard at Uplift’s strength challenge, and for all of February, I got in as many workouts as I freaking could to prepare for that little photo shoot thing.

I’ll have more to post next week about the photo shoot, but I went from 14 million deadlifts with Leanne on Wednesday to flying cross-country, running and spinning on Friday and fitting in plenty of bursts of exercise on Saturday. 

I’m exhausted in all senses of the word (and still achy from sleeping weird on the plane.) Ashley is here for the week, and I’ve been choosing late nights out with one of my best friends and sleeping in over early morning workouts this week. And I love it.


We were supposed to go to a yoga event at I Am You yoga last night with Well + Good. due to some elevator confusion, I couldn’t get into the class. I was really frustrated…and then I decided to just screw it and get a glass of wine at one of the Little Italy tourist traps next door while I waited for her. I called my mom to complain about my frustration and she reminded me it was okay to rest sometimes.

I’ve been pretty busy the past few weeks (months?), and I’m happy for a little downtime. Relatively. I have a class with Chelsea booked tonight, running date with two NYJL ladies planned tomorrow, run club Saturday and trying out the new spin studio in my parents’ town Sunday.

Do you usually catch up on rest after big events – and before beginning training for another big event? 

10 comments on “A Time for Rest

  1. Katie @ Peace Love & Oats

    I totally agree that extra rest is needed sometimes. This weekend I felt exhausted and just didn’t have any desire to workout: so I didn’t. I also took off yesterday to rest as well because I really needed the extra sleep! Sometimes I forget that rest is just as important.

  2. Ashley

    This is one of those things that I need to work on “practicing what I preach.” I am GREAT about getting sleep usually, not always so great about rest days.

  3. Kristine

    Soooo I need to be better about rest days. I always have the best intentions to take them… and then the day comes and it’ll be gorgeous outside, or a friend will want to go for a run or try a new class or something. Or I may have had too much wine the night before (knowing it was a rest day) and feel like crap and just want to sweat it out. So I should probably learn to rest more. Or get acquainted with a sauna at the gym. I think you have the right idea – spending time with friends, resting after a very busy few months is the way to go – you’ll be ready to get back into it even stronger and more prepared!

  4. Melissa Burton

    Sometimes you need to take a break or your body will dictate that you do.

    Hope you enjoyed the sunshine while in LA. Have fun with Ashley (the lady who runs in pearls as I’ve dubbed her) this week!

  5. Runwright

    You’ve been working hard. Take a break! You can only be our best when you have balance. When will the propel photoshoot go live? online, magazine, or on tv?
    Have a great wknd.


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