Happy 5th Anniversary, Blog!

Greetings from the best place in the world. My couch, where Legally Blonde is on TV.

Did I really go to LA or was that all a dream?

I flew three time zones to LA, did a photo shoot for three days (including a change back to Daylight Time), flew back three time zones on a redeye and worked until 8 today.

I don’t know my name or what time zone I’m in, but I’m all full of warm and fuzzies after this weekend.

It’s very apropos that yesterday was my fifth anniversary of blogging (wha?? Five years of my ramblings on the Internets? Ruh roh), because this weekend reminded me how great this blogging thing can be. Not just because I got a pretty sweet trip to LA to be in a photo shoot, but because I’ve met so many great people and changed my life so much for the better.


Like my fellow Propel brand ambassadors. I hadn’t met any of these fabulous people before Thursday, but we hit it off right away.

We like to work out and write about it on the Internet. We have lots in common. 

Anyway – I’ve had you Internet people with me through the ups and downs, through races and strength challenges, occasionally informative posts and lots of dumb posts. 

I started off Losing Weight in the City, and turned into Preppy Runner a few months ago.

Thanks for sticking around guys! None of this would be possible without you.

I haven’t slept in a bed since Saturday night, so good night, good people! 

11 comments on “Happy 5th Anniversary, Blog!

  1. elizabeth e

    I’m impressed that you made it to work — and that you were awake all day! How many cups of coffee did that take?

    Congrats on 5 years! I’ve been reading for a while, but I didn’t know it had been that long since you started!


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