Spring Bliss

Since the New Year, I have had a LOT going on. 

As it is, working in social media is a very not 9-5 job at all. I’m always monitoring our feeds outside of work time, and I often go to workout events and classes for work. I love this and what I do to death, but it’s sort of all-consuming, in the best way possible. On top of this, I write this blog and am a Propel ambassador (which takes a good amount of behind-the-scenes work you don’t see) and run communications for Junior League (which is like leading a small internal PR agency: I’m responsible for approving any invitations, press releases or other communications going out for 50 committees.)

This means that most mornings before work and evenings after work are spent on my computer catching up on these side hustles or getting ahead at work. 

And there was that whole worst winter ever thing. There’s been so much good going on in my life that I haven’t really been able to properly appreciate because the weather got me down and my nonstop schedule made it tough to stop and smell the roses.

This week, I’ve been working late in anticipation of a fun campaign we’re starting next week. I felt myself starting to teeter from sorta-stressed to near-panicky, and realized I needed to slow the eff down. The other night, I blew off a workout, didn’t check my personal email after work, and just hung out. I even skipped a Junior League shopping event at J. Crew. That’s how you know I really need a break. (I hear my wallet rejoicing, too.) 

It was blissful.


A good hair day helps a lot, too.

I’ll likely write more about the whole gluten-free thing soon (maybe after the 21 days are up), but I am feeling REALLY good! I’ve stopped arranging my day around meals/bathrooms and stopped worrying about feeling sick after eating. A pleasant added benefit is I’ve dropped a few pounds, too, and feel significantly less bloated. Anne and I were chatting this morning about this, and getting more processed foods out of my diet has definitely helped with both my stomach and my mental outlook. I’d been relying too heavily on processed food for a while, and I forgot what an amazing effect unprocessed foods have on your emotions, too. 


Anne’s here today for a fun project, and she asked me to meet her at 6am for a run. My knee-jerk reaction was hell no! That’s early! You’re not staying anywhere near me…but then I realized it was far more important to me to see my friend than it was to sleep in a bit more.

Photo 11

Worth it.

Also, thank God for sunshine. I’m trying to completely OD on Vitamin D.

What’s good for you right now?

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  1. meredith @ The Cookie ChRUNicles

    Totally hear you and relate to the need to unplug. Everything can wait and nothing will happen if you disconnect a bit. Technology and social media kinda make us feel like everything needs to happen yesterday. It doesn’t. I am slowly learning this…And oh, the sunshine. It feels amazing and makes running early in the morning that much easier to head out for.


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