A Quiet Holiday Weekend

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94% of the time, I’m rushing from one thing to another. I have really fun weekends, but they’re rarely relaxing.

This weekend, I chose not to go to the Outer Banks for Memorial Day. I’d gone since 2008, so it wasn’t an easy decision. But when I got to spend Memorial Day at my apartment, instead of in a car driving up the Eastern Seaboard, I was just fine with that decision.

My mom kept asking what I was doing, and if I wanted to come home. “No, I can’t,” I kept telling her. “I need to relax.”

Weekend Highlights:

  • a killer Uplift class
  • a night spent giggling and ordering more bottles of wine at Raymi
  • finding a new couch (!) (I’ve had the same furniture since graduating college, and I’m slowly beginning to replace it all.)
  • hanging out with my mom on Sunday, discovering a new restaurant she did not hate
  • a Sunday morning run
  • dinner with Leticia at my new favorite taco joint (I thought it was great, but I am a white girl from NJ—what do I know? Leticia said it was A+ authentic Mexican.) 
  • a killer Cyc class with Meggie’s girl crush, Chainsaw.
  • some time to catch up on blog posts
  • and lay out on the roof
  • and read (thanks to Anne for the book rec)
  • and MEAL PREP (who am I?)
  • get a mani/pedi…but not at the same time. Who has that kind of patience?
  • and just think about life, watching the clouds pass by.

I won’t lie, I felt kind of lonely at a few points throughout this weekend, but it was a good thing. I’ve been so busy for so long, that I forgot how to just sit and be with myself. And the Internet. And my dog. I feel so much more grounded going into the week than I have in a while.

How was your Memorial Day? How do you take time for yourself?

5 comments on “A Quiet Holiday Weekend

  1. Shawna

    sounds like you had some much-needed “you” time, and kudos to you for recognizing how important that is in the midst of a crazybusyfun life. i had an awesome wknd too — went to the fam’s house upstate on the lake and did a lot of relaxing/tanning/reading on the boat, which counts as much-needed “me” time. along with running, lots of fam grilling, and some time spent with the bro and friends. pretty darn perfect.

  2. Katie @ Talk Less, Say More

    It’s funny how sometimes we just NEED that quiet time by ourselves, even though we might have moments of feeling lonely. I’ve had plenty of those but the outcome usually out weights the lonely moments because I end up feeling refreshed and renewed.

  3. Plexus

    Sometimes getting a quiet weekend is the hardest thing we do. It looks like you still got a lot in. I feel that my problem is putting down my phone. Maybe it’s the fear of being lonely or just not connected. I guess there’s only one way for me to find out.


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