It Seems Unfair to Have This Much Fun

To be honest, I’ve never – even at jobs I’ve liked less than this one – dreaded the end of the weekend. I really like routine, and weekend things would cease to be less fun if it were always the weekend.

But these past few weekends? I’ve wanted to hold on to every fabulous moment.

Brooklyn Half Marathon Training Run

I talked my coworkers into running the Brooklyn Half next week because I’m a relentless race pusher. (Oh, and I believe in people.) Jordan had 10 miles on her schedule and her usual running buddy was gone, so I figured I should run it with her since I talked her into this. We met up with a group at JackRabbit (this link takes you to a full and fabulous schedule of events at their stores, which I never knew about until 2 minutes ago) in Park Slope.

The route took us down to Red Hook, along the water through Brooklyn Bridge Park and Dumbo and then back uphill to Park Slope. It was a mostly new route to me, which was a really nice change from my West Side Highway and Central Park routes. More importantly, it was Jordan’s first 10-miler, and I’m so proud of her. And completely envious of how she doesn’t even look like she moved a muscle, much less broke a sweat. Meanwhile, I got a sexy-ass running tan. 

Brooklyn Boulders Rock Climbing

Afterwards, I headed over to Brooklyn Boulders for one of my upcoming posts with Propel. I’ll share more in an upcoming post, but let me just say that a 10-mile run is maybe not the best warmup for this. I was EXHAUSTED after, and it probably took me half an hour to trudge back to the subway. (Which was less than a mile away.) But it was a ridiculous amount of fun.

Lest you think I never take any downtime, I canceled my haircut and plans with Jen to go collapse on my couch…

…but not for too long!

Because it was time for Lobster de Mayo! (Thanks to FreshDirect for the invite.)



More on that in another post, too, but Gia and I had so much fun sipping tequila and sampling lobster. I, of course, represented in my lobster dress. Unpictured: flats because my feet were covered in blisters from new running shoes. 


Today: NJ for Mother’s Day and hugs from my little muffin. How is she three already?!

How was your weekend? Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and moms-to-be out there! And my thoughts to all of those who wanted to but could not celebrate with their mothers for whatever reason. 

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