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I do miss the days when I used to blog on the regs, so I’m just going to share a whole bunch of random stuff with you, and you’re going to like it.


Theodora, maybe don’t wear a pink bra under a sort of see-through shirt?

I haven’t even tried the other things on yet, but my StitchFix (referral link!) box looks ON POINT this month. I am in serious love with this sweater.

Something Madison

Something Madison recently advertised here on Preppy Runner. It’s a super cute preppy/boho-chic-ish website, and they offer free shipping. They’re based in South Carolina, and the prices are really reasonable. None of the dresses are more than 50 or so dollars, and that cute teal one on the bottom is on sale for $20! (P.S. I recently updated my sponsorship page, so take a look if you’re interested in working together!) 

I took Chelsea’s Sculpt Fusion class at Uplift tonight. I always forget how difficult it is. It’s lower impact, but still really intense. And I effing love it. It’s still slow enough, though, that it slows my racing brain down. This is the best part of my week when I take this class. From what I’ve heard about Core Power Yoga (which Lee teaches!) and PiYo, they seem pretty similar. My only complaint with Chelsea (other than my glutes being EN FUEGO) is that she played Higher Love as the first song. It’s totally a last-song/savasana song, Chels. 

I went to a matchmaker event at The Plaza last night…in their Caudalie spa? They sprayed this beauty elixir on me, and it gave me this awesome, dewy look, rather than my usual pallid office-worker skin.  

Mizuno HItogami

I’ve been testing out different shoes for work, and I LOVE how these Mizuno Hitogramis look. I haven’t run in them enough yet to evaluate them as a running shoe, but they are pretty enough that I’ve worn them not running, and I NEVER wear running shoes when I can wear flip flops, so. 

Liz Barnet, one of the amazing Uplift instructors (who, randomly is from the same town as me) is leading a ridiculous wellness trip in Costa Rica in July. As a special bonus for you guys, she’s offering a 30-minute free phone consultation to discuss your wellness goals and what you’d like to accomplish on the trip. You can email her at, and tell her I sent you!

Did You Know Facts

Someone from the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance wanted me to share this graphic with you in honor of National Women’s Health Week next week. This isn’t just a men’s disease. This is a devastating disease, though. My grandpa (WWII pilot, factory owner) had it, and went from walking 5 miles a day in September to passing away in January my senior year of high school.

And some awesome things I’ve read (okay fine, and written) lately:

Tell me some stuff and things about your life, and link to some awesome things you’ve read lately? 

7 comments on “Stuff and Things

  1. Stacey

    So I checked out Something Madison and I pretty much want one of everything–so cute. And I think airport gyms need to become a regular thing–would so much more productive to workout during a layover than flip through Instagram!

  2. Valerie

    These two books may not be “awesome,’ but they are packed with new and useful information.

    If you’re stuck in your weight loss program, read the 10-Day Detox by Dr. Mark Hyman. Here’s my blog post about his book:

    The latest book I’m reading is about how to address chronic illnesses like depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. The new approach is called functional medicine and the book is The Disease Delusion by Dr. Jeffrey Bland.

  3. Katie

    Chelsea’s class is what my mom and I ended up taking! It is super similar to Yoga Sculpt which I also teach (and Lee and I have met up at Minneapolis events, small world!) The biggest differences are that Yoga Sculpt includes some cardio, and the room is heated.


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