Princeton Half Ironman 70.3 Training: Week of July 7-14

I started out numbering my training by week, but then lost a few weeks, so we’re back to dates. 

Last week, I had a work retreat and a trip out to the Hamptons , so I tried to do the best I could.

Monday: rest day. I’ve been doing long rides on Sundays, so I’ve usually taken Mondays off.

Tuesday: 45 minutes in the pool


Wednesday: Was supposed to do 1:30 on the bike and 1:00 run, but we were leaving early on our work retreat, and I’d be out Monday, so I wanted to get to work early to get as much done as I could and just did 1:30 on the bike. I went up to the park because I knew I needed some hills under these legs to build some strength.


Thursday: Spent all day running the hills in NJ with this crew. I didn’t wear a watch, but would estimate we got 4-5 miles of running in.

Friday: 45-minute run before work before heading out to Hamptons

Saturday: Uplift at Fitist Collective. My coach had told me to be flexible and do the best I could with my training last weekend. After a late night, class at Uplift was the most I could manage.

Sunday: 4-mile run with Heather. My, um, sub-optimal fueling all weekend meant for a short and not so great run. Ideally, I probably should have done at least 8-10…


Monday: I’d taken Monday off from work and everyone at the house was working, so my plan was always to get my long ride in Monday. Since the ride is the longest part of the tri (and where I’m really slow and scared), this is where I try to focus my training as best I can. I rode 25 miles and only had several mini panic attacks. #progress

This week’s upcoming challenges: 2:30 brick, open water clinic this weekend.

Tell me about your week’s training and/or, NYC triathletes, if you’ve ever tried Tailwind. Kimra just told me about it and I am intrigued.

2 comments on “Princeton Half Ironman 70.3 Training: Week of July 7-14

  1. Katie

    Nice work! I’ve been biking with a group on tuesday mornings, this week we did false flat repeats. aka, its uphill, but looks flat, and kills! Wednesday nights I’ve been swimming, last week I went across the lake with the group, this week I stuck to the bouys and was swimming much straighter. Here’s hoping its enough for my first sprint tri which is saturday!


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