A Lovely Hamptons Weekend

HELLO from the Hamptons!

I took today off from work, and although I love my job, I could not be happier that this morning’s view was this and not my computer screens.


So, my friend Heather that I’m out here with is a blog reader turned IRL friend. She came up to me at the Derby party this year and said she read my blog and had joined the Junior League because of me. We started chatting and realized we were basically the same person (and all weekend people have been telling us they think we’re sisters!) and that we grew up 10 minutes away from each other.

All weekend she’s been asking me how I’m going to blog about this weekend.

Some of what happens in the Hamptons must stay in the Hamptons, but here’s what I CAN share about this weekend 🙂

We left straight from work on Friday night and sat in hours and hours of traffic…but still got here with plenty of time to go out.


I win awards for my photography, clearly.

Because I’m weird and really enjoy hanging out with my fitness instructors outside of the studio, I made Liz meet us out. In turn, she made me do burpees in the bar at 3am. In wedges.


Just a few hours later, I went to her class at the Fitist Collective, which is a studio space where a lot of NYC studios come and teach out in the Hamptons. UPLIFT IN THE HAMPTONS!


Because I am a hot mess, I couldn’t find matching sneakers and went in (mismatching) socks instead. CLASS ACT. As always, the class was tough but fun.




We were starving after this, so we went to La Fondita for lunch, and I got shrimp tacos, and we split some chips and guac and happiness and then went to the beach with super sexy chip bellies. AND I SAW SJP ON THE BEACH! Her house is pretty near where ours is, and so is Calvin Klein’s. Ours is, um, a little smaller.

Sunday morning, I woke up and we went for a little run around Amagansett and got breakfast at Mary’s Marvelous, where they have the best iced coffee in the world.

Then, the rest of the day was spent at a bar watching Germany win the World Cup. We went to Zum Schneider’s in Montauk, which was quite the scene but such a fun place to be at when Germany did win!


We went to the Meeting House for dinner, where I had the best kale salad of my life…and pasta. I was carb loading for life this weekend.

This morning, I went down to the beach for a little quality time and gave myself a huge pat on the back for taking today off.

I put off my bike ride as long as I could because I was terrified, but I finally went off around 12. Thank god it was overcast and not really sunny. All weekend, I was really excited to ride here but also really nervous about the unfamiliar territory. Would it be really hilly? WOULD I DIE? I wanted to ride out to Montauk and back, but I am dumb and went the wrong way, so I ended up riding to Sag Harbor and back. No pictures because I was just riding on a highway and other than riding through some cute towns, it wasn’t very scenic.

Felt Z100 Bike Hamptons


I rode about 25 miles. It wasn’t too hard physically, but it was definitely harder mentally. I was pretty bored and spent some time questioning how the hell I would ride more than double that in a few months. Gulp.

lobstah roll

And then I capped off that ride with a trip to Bostwick’s for a lobster roll. NOW it’s summer. It was really good, but there was too much mayo and I feel kind of sick now. Still worth it.

And now…back to reality. For 9 days before I head to SAVANNAH to see Ashley!

How was your weekend?

10 comments on “A Lovely Hamptons Weekend

  1. Cate

    Looks like you had a great weekend! Mine was pretty low key. I did nada until Sunday when I went out for a birthday lunch with my family, then spent the afternoon in the pool while intermittently checking on the game. Yay Germany! Yesterday, I went for a 36 mile bike ride, then for a swim with my friends. It was my first open water swim without a wetsuit and I was pretty pleased at how well I did! 🙂

    Zum Schneider is one of my favorites and I always make a point to go when I’m in NYC. I’ve not been to their Montauk location. It must have been so fun!

  2. Sara @ Lake Shore Runner

    Looks like such a fun weekend! I have never been to the Hamptons but have always wanted too. A family friends of ours goes every year and over the years he has gotten my a shirt/sweatshirt from every hampton – so you basically would of thought I had been there! Also that lobster roll looks ammmmmazzzing. You don’t get lobster rolls like that in Chicago!

    Side Note: Today I nominated you as an inspirational blogger! I have ready your blog well before I started blogging myself and always looked forward to your posts. Your story is a true inspiration and I love all your tri talk now that I am so interested. I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy reading yours!

  3. Melissa Burton

    Your weekend looks heavenly. Say hello to the lady in pearls when you see her next week!

    I had such a great time in Savannah for FitBloggin’ and Ashley was nice enough to give me some restaurant recommendations while I was there.

    I did try 2 places that you both might love. Ashley may know them but they were so wonderful – Ampersand (which felt very West Village to me) and the Crystal Beer Palace which was old timey but had great beer and burgers.

    Enjoy your trip!


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