Happiness Is…


Blowouts and lobster-print dresses. Big hats and necklaces. 

Celebrating all afternoon for a race that lasts for two minutes.


Friends with THE BEST HATS EVER.


I mean…!

IMG 2246

Pre-partying at Park Avenue Tavern and continuing at the Union League Club. I hate hats and only wore mine for pictures, but I guess I have a decent beach hat now? (I don’t wear hats at the beach, either, but I guess I should.)

Photo 2

And spending the day volunteering today at Tompkins Square Park as part of our NYJL Playground Improvement Project. We cleaned up the park all day, weeding, aerating, seeding. Getting out of bed after the Derby Party was rough, but I’m glad I did it, and it was really gratifying to hear the people walk by thank us for our hard work. Most of what I do with the NYJL is completely behind the scenes, so it was wonderful to do some tangible work that brightened others’ days a bit.

Some random good reads lately:

The Confidence Gap (The Atlantic)

Work Out Less (Steph Nieman)

How was your weekend? What’s keeping you happy these days?

2 comments on “Happiness Is…

  1. Katie

    My weekend was great! I was at a derby party for 8 hours, so I’m a bit tired, but excited to be working two days and then heading to NYC!

  2. Tracy Carson

    Love your Lilly! I wore my new favorite Lilly dress to my shower last weekend and it makes me smile still! What is making me happy these days is that I have made it to 32 weeks pregnant on bed rest! Woo Hoo!


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