Life As a Balancing Act

Yeah, I’ve got it.

Life’s an ongoing rollercoaster in discovering balance, right?

For several years, I balanced a big volunteer commitment, writing this blog, training for races, having a social life and the occasional dating on top of a full-time job. That volunteer commitment ended in July, I decided to stop training for a big race in August, I did some pulling back from the blog and I had ALL THIS FREE TIME.

Not one to let grass grow under my feet, I threw myself into dating and my social life this summer. Which resulted in one of the most fun summers of my life.

With a total lack of balance. Which was fine at the time, but I’m trying to get back to that place where I wake up feeling recharged instead of already behind the eight-ball from staying up too late. I felt bloated from too much wine and food out, fun as it was. I’m spending some time trying to actively say no to things.

And it feels good, taking a little more time for myself. Time to write and think. To be more intentional. For now.

BRB, bubble bath time.

How do you slow down?




12 comments on “Life As a Balancing Act

  1. Katie @ Live Half Full

    Balance definitely ebbs and flows- I use the slow times to catch up on life, and when things get crazy build in pockets of time for myself to decompress. I’m a bubble bath girl too, which reminds me… must.shut.down.

  2. Shawna

    balancing everything (esp in NYC, where there’s SO MUCH of everything and so many options for those of us who love it all!) is definitely an art, and something to continually work at, i’ve found. i think i keep a lot on my plate as well, but i’m trying to be intentional about taking down time/me time as much as i possibly can. for me, this includes my workouts/running, at least one night at home each week vegging/doing nothing, and scattered weekends upstate with my fam/friends where i can just relax.

  3. Katie

    I try to find time with friends where we know we’re going to hang out, but we don’t get into the particulars. It allows us to have catch up time, but without the stress of a schedule.

  4. Katrina

    I was just in yoga yesterday, and the instructor was talking about balance and the equinox. She named several things for us to think about – like work vs play, active and noisy vs. still and silent (and some others that I can’t remember). She said that one probably stuck out to us as being unbalanced. Well, the latter definitely did! I am always on the go and surrounded by people. Yoga helps me to stay grounded and not frantic – and more mindful of the necessity for quiet/still time. (and that was the first yoga class I had been to in 2 months). So I am totally with you on the slowing down. I desperately need to as well.

  5. Jenn

    I try to spend less time on facebook and other distracting media. When I really need to relax and recharge my batteries, there’s nothing better than taking a walk by the sea.

  6. Marijke Van Dornick

    I’m like Jenn in the comment above. I’ve just given up Facebook (deleted my account) and it feels great! I’ve spent the time I was usually on there checking out what distant friends were doing, and now I’m actually getting stuff done myself! Next, I plan to get up 30 minutes earlier every weekday morning so I have a little bit more time as well. Fingers crossed.

  7. Erin

    I spend so much time saying “Yes!” to things so I don’t miss out that I forget to say “no” when needed. Every minute doesn’t have to be planned and an event doesn’t have to happen every weekend. Sometimes it is nice to just enjoy the weekend with nothing on the agenda. The minute I start to feel stressed by things I have said yes to and that aren’t required of me, I just start saying no. 🙂

  8. lana

    I love a good cabernet sauvignon anytime of the year but am partial to it during the cooler months. In the summer I love Sterling Vineyards Malvasia Bianca , which is a white wine. I used to have a neighbor who was a wine goddess and would hand me glasses over the wall during the summer when I was cleaning the pool. She taught me that I didn’t hate wine, I just needed to find the right ones and the Malvasia Bianca is my favorite.


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