Gaining Strength, Gaining Confidence

It’s funny how just a few years ago, I HATED strength training. It was something I did with Joel to lose the weight, and that was it. I picked up running, and got hooked. Let’s be real, I still don’t like doing it alone, but I started really getting into when I started going to Uplift nearly two years ago.

Just like it’s amazing to push your own limits and see how fast you can run, I’ve definitely found the pleasure in lifting things heavier than a wine glass and pushing myself that way, too.

Whether it’s doing bodyweight exercises (which, let’s be real, are heavier than any weight I’m lifting) or pushing myself through multiple rounds of lifting heavy weights, there’s something pretty empowering about testing—and surpassing—your own strength.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m trying CrossFit but am somewhat of a skeptic still. I had one terrible workout that made me want to say eff this, walk out and never walk back in there again…but I can feel myself getting stronger, and I’m paid through the end of this month (which, crap, is soon) so I returned yesterday. Also, they post the workout the day before, and I knew it was one I’d enjoy.

I think this is the only CrossFit photo I have…from like 1.5 years ago.

The WOD:

10 rounds total, 5 each

Partner A: 500m row or 400m run

Partner B: 10 push presses + as many no push-up burpees as you can do while you wait for your partner to finish the row or run

I was PSYCHED for this one. Push presses require an amount of coordination I can handle, obviously I can run and I weirdly really like burpees. I went with two coworkers and partnered with Alex. Since I’m still really new to this Olympic lifting thing, I definitely didn’t go with the prescribed 65 pounds for women, and stuck with 48 pounds, a weight I knew would challenge me for 50 reps but not kill me.

For the burpees, I set my goal to do 20-25 for each round. I did a total of 120 burpees, which I was psyched about. (And while I lifted way lighter than my coworkers, I was definitely happy to have done more burpees!)

I walked out of there feeling confident and on top of the world. (Maybe it also was the Pre I gulped down before heading over there.)

To be honest, my scale battery died and I haven’t weighed myself in a few weeks, but I feel stronger, my clothes fit a little better, and I feel more confident.

I’ll be back on Friday with some of the awesome Black Friday sales I’ve had my eye on, but just to whet your appetite…

  • C. Wonder has everything 40% off from now through Monday. (They also are allegedly closing most of their stores…or not?) I don’t always wait around for sales if I really want something, but this is one store that I know that absolutely everything I want will always go on sale—and their full price is rarely worth it for the quality.
  • DailyBurn: Gotta rep the employer here! We’re doing 10% off our entire store through Monday—awesome if you want to try Pre or need some weights. Along with our usual free 30-day trial.
  • Sephora: They don’t actually appear to be doing any online Black Friday sales (or, yet?) but last weekend, I saw an awesome Clinique gift set that had my favorite moisturizer + an eye cream and a chubby stick for less than $40. (The moisturizer alone is almost $40 and worth every penny, so this is an awesome deal.)
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, apparently Lululemon is launching some crazy awesome sparkly collection on Friday.
  • Dealing with massive crowds IRL on Black Friday in the greater NYC metropolitan area is my idea of personal hell, but I kinda love this guide to gaming Woodbury Common. (Which involves getting there at 3am, apparently.)

Happy Thanksgiving! Going anywhere fun for turkey day? Do you brave Black Friday sales or shop online?

4 comments on “Gaining Strength, Gaining Confidence

  1. Nicole

    It’s hard to go from being good at something (running) to being new at something (lifting). Glad to see you’re getting better and confident. You arms look awesome! Happy TG.

  2. Roxanne

    It is really fulfilling and empowering feeling to see you managed to outweigh and lift a thing that is stronger than you or weight more than you. It will let you feel like you’re floating on the sky for the fulfillment you achieved. Not only you had pushed your limits but also, your muscles are being exercise to burn those fats and convert them into energy! I love weightlifting since this is where I get to challenge myself with those heavy barbells and push myself to the limit! Glad to see you’re loving this exercise!

  3. Ethel

    It was hard for me to gain confidence in running (and exercise in general) when I didn’t have a buddy cheering me on. Since my husband has joined me, though, I have found myself pushing harder when I am working alongside my partner. Good to see you gaining confidence! You are an inspiration!


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