Currently Coveting: Preppy Workout Gear

I changed the name of this blog a little over a year ago to combine the little things in life that make me really happy: fitness and preppy clothes. 

I love that the fitness industry is booming right now, and I love that workout clothes are getting cuter and cuter. But there’s two collections I’m REALLY excited about right now.

1. New Balance x Kate Spade Saturday

My New Balance love started a few years ago when they were a client at my old job, but the love continued even after my work for them stopped. I still swear by their 880s and their Windblocker jacket is magic in this cold.

I’ve also always loved Kate Spade’s whimsical style, so when I heard the two were collaborating, I died of happiness.New Balance x Kate Spade Saturday


Side note: try explaining a fashion collab to your mother. “So are they Kate Spade or New Balance? Are they on sale on Saturday?” Yes, mom something like that. The shoes are New Balance’s 811, a training shoe, but I see these as the perfect knock-around-the-city in cute jeans and a hoodie or workout clothes kinda shoes. 


This morning I was catching up on Grace’s blog and she linked to an awesome cover-up DIY project. I’m going to Puerto Rico next week, and was thinking a new coverup would be a nice little gift to myself for my birthday. (Better than the terrible, terrible Loubs I bought myself for 30.) Naturally, the first place I looked was on Lilly…

Lilly Pulitzer Luxletic

And saw this! My mom got me a sweatshirt similar to this for Christmas, but I’m excited for this really cute activewear.

I interviewed for a job a few years ago doing social for Lilly, and one of the things I proposed was that the brand get into fitness clothes. I’ll take my check now, thank you. (I also think a Lilly/Lulu collaboration would be AMAZING.) As for the coverup, I think I’m ordering this one.

What are your favorite workout clothing lines? What regular-clothing brand would you love to see get into fitness?

14 comments on “Currently Coveting: Preppy Workout Gear

  1. meredith@ The Cookie ChRUNicles

    I am laughing because I was just in Saks and spotted a pretty pair of Valentino sneakers and wondered to myself — are they are neutral, neutral plus or stability shoe? For $995, I like to think they would work for every runner. Ha. I don’t think they were combined with a fitness brand but they were cute…. I hadn’t seen the Kate Spade New Balance!

  2. Tricia @ A Couple Of Dashes

    I’m absolutely obsessed with how cute fitness clothes have become lately. I’ve found myself buying much more fitness clothing than normal clothing lately and I think the cuteness has something to do with it! That and how absolutely comfy it is too! 🙂

  3. CT Cupcake

    Lilly did activewear before this! I have an awesome swirly printed wicking top, probably from about 6-8 years ago. Rumor had the items were made by Nike. I get so many compliments on the top. I wish they would make prints in the luxathletic line-I don’t want pay $100+ for a pink jacket that could very well be from target. It needs that Lilly flare!

  4. katie

    Love preppy workout gear! I don’t think I even like regular clothing brands anymore. I’m all about athleta right now. Thankfully the instructor discount makes it easier to shop there as I can be pretty cheap with everyday clothes.

  5. jillian

    i’m going to puerto rico next week too! i’m getting married in old san juan next feb, so we are using the vacation as a wedding planning excuse 🙂 where are you staying?!?!


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