Making Sacrifices

There are just a few things I want right now:

A big fat PR in March

To be happy.

Not so much to ask for, right? (My mom asked me for what I wanted for my birthday, and I can say there’s honestly nothing material I am longing for right now. Truly.)

There’s obviously some things in that second category that would make me happier. But I have to trust I’m working towards those things and doing what I can, and at some point I have to let go and let the universe do its thang.

I’ve made some really conscious decisions lately towards those goals.

dont sacrifice

Water over wine.

Early bedtimes over time screwing around on my phone in bed.

Choosing vegetables over carbs.

Doing things that make me feel alive rather than things I feel like I should.

Letting the people who care about me know when I need to lean on them.

Striking that balance between overbooking myself and spending too much time with my thoughts.

Pushing past fears and what’s comfortable.

Meditating on it.

Being kinder to myself and beating down negative thoughts.

And it feels good. I’m hitting a groove in running again, and I’m starting to attract what I want in life.

What goals do you want that you’re sacrificing for in the now?

11 comments on “Making Sacrifices

  1. Ash Diamond

    Can I like this times 1000? I am so freaking proud of you and know just how hard this balance is. I’m always one phone call or text away but look forward to supporting you now and always! 🙂 Keep on keepin on rockstar!

  2. Katie

    I’m a little bit of the opposite, I feel the need to shake things up right now. So instead of staying home and watching the superbowl with my parents friends. I went out and had the biggest sunday funday I’ve ever had. Mind you the hangover wasn’t fun, but I don’t feel all that much guilt/regret.

  3. joelle (on a pink typewriter)

    This post strikes a chord with me. I can so very much relate. I was just thinking yesterday about how I’ve sort of started to reclaim my happy instead of letting external circumstances put me down in the dumps (like a frustrating job search), and I really believe in what you said — that we can attract what we want in life. Wasn’t that the point of that kooky (no offense to anyone who loved it) book, The Secret?

  4. Katie @ Live Half Full

    To combat being on my phone right before bed/right when I wake up, I started putting it on my dresser vs. on my nightstand earlier this month and it’s made a huge difference! I still grab for my phone though, which is SCARY. Am I that addicted?

  5. Lauren @ Beautiful Plant-Based Life

    I’m really struggling with this stuff. Right now, my one goal is to become pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby. It’s already been a LONG road and I lost my first baby (due to a miscarriage) about a year ago. I’ve taken many steps to prepare my body for pregnancy and now it’s just a waiting game. It’s been hard to accept that this is out of my control, especially since I want it so badly! Up until now, I set goals, worked my butt off, and achieved them. Lose weight- check. Train for and complete a full marathon- check. Create my own small business- check. I feel like I’ve made so many sacrifices along the way in my efforts to become pregnant, but I’m searching for the right balance. I don’t want to sacrifice the present (time with friends, traveling, career opportunities, etc.) while I’m waiting for the future.

  6. Todd Belin

    This is so true and very well said. As a fitness trainer it’s so hard to get people to understand that sacrifices have to be made in order to get the results they want. This post describes it perfectly and wish I could share these exact words with each and everyone of them. Great job on this post!


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