2015 New York Junior League Winter Ball

Another year, another time I use my corny “I had a ball!” line.

But, I did!

Last night was the New York Junior League Winter Ball, one of my favorite nights of the year, and I’m sad it’s over. Today feels like Boxing Day, but with a nasty hangover: a huge letdown.

I can’t believe this is already the sixth time I’ve attended this. (2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014) As I said last year, every year, this event becomes a little more special to me. Most of my good friends are from the League, so I love seeing all my favorites in one place. All dressed up.

New York Junior League Run Club

In what’s becoming a lovely tradition, some of our run club met up for some morning miles and chased it with brunch at the East Pole, where they make the best avocado toast ever.

East Pole Avocado Toast


I did everything backwards, because I went to my blowout in my workout clothes before I’d showered. You stay classy, Theodora. Also, since I pioneer new ways to be clumsy every day, I’d epically slipped as I was getting off my bike at Peloton the other day and bruised the hell out of my tailbone. Sitting to get all primped up was super uncomfortable. And yes, I am aware that is the most #firstworldproblem ever.

I got a blowout at DreamDry and skipped the bubbly because occasionally I am responsible. I chased that with a bang trim because I realized I couldn’t see, and then went for mani pedi. I was looking for the OPI polish Ashley blogged about the other day, but couldn’t find it, so I went with Big Apple Red instead because it seemed on-theme with a special, glamorous NYC night.

In a turn of total awesomeness, my friend Katie had a few of us over to have our makeup done at her apartment and get ready there.


I am weirdly obsessed with makeup, so I asked the makeup artist, Lizzie Lerman, a million questions about what she was applying, especially because I couldn’t see in a mirror what she was doing so I had no idea how I looked until the end.

BUT: FAKE EYELASHES! I’d never worn them before and they felt really weird at first, but I got totally used to them. I think I’m never not going to wear them for a big event.

Bacon Wrapped Goodies

I need to give a shoutout to this bacon-wrapped goodness: dates with Manchego cheese. I had to physically restrain myself from eating them all.

New York Junior League Winter Ball Deco and Diamonds

photo via NYJL

The theme was Deco and Diamonds, and, as usual, the Winter Ball team did an amazing job executing on the theme.

I had planned on skipping the dinner portion of the evening to save a little cashmoney, but my sweet friend Leah was honored as an Outstanding Volunteer and asked me to sit at the table her company had bought for her. OKAY FINE. It meant a lot to me that out of everyone she knew, she asked me to sit with her, and I was so glad to be able to share in her big night with her.

Theodora Leah

Leah is one of the sweetest people I know and was so deserving of the award.

I felt tacky taking a picture of the food, but we started with a lobster appetizer and the main was short rib AND filet mignon.

Once I caught up with what felt like everyone I knew, it was time to dance!

I love Rent the Runway (disclaimer: if you sign up via that link, we BOTH get $20 credits!), but when you’re attending a big event, there’s bound to be some dress repeats…

Rent the Runway Badgley Mischka Sea Waves

You just don’t expect in your own group of friends. Since Meg was wearing a white dress, we joked we were her bridesmaids.


With our prez, who reads this blog (Hi Stacey!) and my buddy Joan.

The after party continued at Whiskey Park, and I can’t look at another glass of wine for at least another day.

Tell me about the most fabulous event you’ve been to.

5 comments on “2015 New York Junior League Winter Ball

  1. Ash Diamond

    Last night I ended up looking at the hashtag on Instagram and it was hilarious to see the pictures through the years! I love the blue on you and am so glad you had a great night!

  2. elizabeth e

    I’m in the League in DC and seeing your pics of the Winter Ball makes me sad we don’t do anything like that down here! So glad that the weather cooperated, and I think you must be a wizard for not messing up your blowout in the shower. Seriously, how does that happen?


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