All You Need is Love

Nearly seven years ago, I moved to NYC from DC. (Also known as one of the best things I ever did.)

I met Lacey through a mutual ex shortly after moving here, and she’s been one of my best friends ever since. She’s been there for me at my worst, my best, and everywhere in between. She’s my number one race cheerleader and patiently spectates my athletic pursuits with my mom, dragging her all over NYC. (And now I’m tearing up just writing this because I’m the biggest sap in the world.)

And last night, she married the love her life and threw a pretty epic party.

And I am exhausted. (But happily, not hungover. Moderation for the win.)

Yesterday started at 7am, so I could knock some things off my to-do list before heading down to meet the bridal party at 10am. I ran, got some work and cleaning done, dropped Bailey off at doggie daycare and headed to the Trump Soho to begin the prepping.


JK, #wokeuplikethis.

She had hair and makeup come to the bridal suite, which was much more relaxing than going to a salon.


Do you see that foam roller in the background? HERO. I am glad she appreciates the importance of self myofascial release on her big day. And yeah, I loved her makeup artist.

SoHi Trump Soho

We headed up to the rooftop of the Trump Soho to take wedding photos, with this great view. I can’t wait to see the final pics, because her photographer did some totally ridiculous Vogue-style photos with the bridal party.

Wedding Day Burpees

Lacey’s not a runner, so she didn’t do a wedding day run, but I did talk her into some wedding day burpees, like a champ.

Lacey Vera Wang Dress

Hi, gorgeous!

Wine Themed Bridal Party

Why am I blurry? I don’t really know BUT I will say that I ended up loving my dress. I didn’t at first because the style is very dramatic for me, but I ended up loving the sass in it. Since the wedding was at City Winery, Lacey’s color palette was wine-themed.

Cherry Lazaro Bridesmaid Dresses

Her sister-in-law and I were basically twins.

City Winery Wedding

The gorgeous happy couple. I cried like a freaking baby during their ceremony — they wrote their vows themselves and they were so perfectly them, and absolutely hilarious. Again, MAD props to the makeup artist who had magic waterproof makeup. My eyeliner ran a bit but not much and she was in the bridal suite post-wedding for touch-ups. She took one look me and was like yeah, you, over here.

City Winery Wedding

And my lovely dates.

The theme of their wedding was “All You Need is Love,” and it was a night filled with so much fun and love last night. And an amazing band. My calves are sore, I’m exhausted, but I had a great time.

10 comments on “All You Need is Love

  1. Liza

    Was her gown Vera Wang? I think it’s the same as one of my best friends who just got married in Mexico! It was huge! We had to carry it on the airplane and got many side-eyes because it took up so much space. You all look beautiful!

  2. Nicole

    Such a great dress and you looked beautiful for the wedding! Great color and your makeup looked fantastic.

  3. Harshwardhan Singh

    Hi Theodora,

    Thanks for posting it with us.

    Yes its true, for doing aything “All you need is love”, and especially for you who had your best ever, best friend with you. There are many of the preparations necessary before your big day, for your wedding date you have to mange all your secondary (on that day everything else is secondary) works.

    The story is very well narrated by you and shows the happiness of the couple. It is important to plan perfect for your wedding day and if its a theme wedding, more of the preparations have to be made on time.

    Very nice of you for sharing it with us, keep going like this only.
    Have a nice weekend and a happy upcoming week.

    ~ Harshwardhan

  4. Heather

    Very adorable! It’s such a great experience to see your best friend get married. I love the winery theme, that’s so cool! Thanks for sharing.


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