Workout Recap: March 23-29

Next week, I’m going to start working with Jess again in hopes of PR-ing for the Brooklyn Half in May.

I fell apart on multiple levels while training (“training”?) for the RNR DC Half, but one of them was keeping a consistent training log. I started here on the blog, and I started filling in the Google Doc Jess and I share, but once training fell off, so did my record-keeping, because I didn’t want to log a short or missed workout.

As I am trying to get my shit together again, I am trying to not let perfect be the enemy of good and recognizing that a short workout is better than no workout and a not-so-healthy meal is better than a terribly unhealthy meal.

So in that spirit, I’m going to start posting weekly training logs again, at least through the Brooklyn Half, and probably picking up again once I start training for the marathon. (You can always donate here.)

Last week and this week is just maintaining a base so I can go into Brooklyn training with the fitness I did bank from my half-assed training.

Week of March 23-29

Monday: I woke up on the later side, but knew I wanted to get in some kind of workout in the morning. If I remember correctly, it was still cold out and I just didn’t feel like another chilly run, so I did some Black Fire at home. My favorite Black Fire workout is Bodyweight Tabata. You do four different tabatas, and good lord is it hard. I also love our Weighted Tabata, but I keep forgetting the heavier weights I got for Christmas out in NJ.

OrangeTheory Stats

Tuesday: OrangeTheory. I had a free pass from the media event I’d gone to, and I used it last week. The workout was great, but I was honestly ready to buy a package and when I asked about intro rates, the front desk guy was super rude. Fine, don’t take my money. In the afternoon, I also did a little bit of yoga at work with a coworker.

Wednesday: Run run run! I think I did 3 miles?

Thursday: I did four miles before work. The weather was lovely and I was happy to be out there. Runner’s high is back!

Friday: I’d meant to get up for a run before all the wedding rehearsal day shenanigans got started, but I got sidetracked by getting a little work done first.

Saturday:  I knew I’d have a really long day ahead with the wedding, but I’d decided it was non-negotiable for me to run, and so I got in three miles before heading down to the hotel for everything.

Sunday: As I said, I wanted to be relatively responsible at the wedding. I didn’t want to be hungover, I didn’t want to consume four million calories, AND I wanted to make it to a yoga class. My fave instructor ever, anywhere, Chelsea, is doing teacher training at Prana and was teaching a community class. YES PLEASE! Hot yoga was the perfect way to wind down from a busy weekend…and sweat out the bubbly I did consume.

4 comments on “Workout Recap: March 23-29

  1. Caroline

    Gah! I’m trying to PR too for the Brooklyn Half! I think I’m on my way..I’ve been doing running classes with NYRR..I can definitely tell it’s helping based on my recent races!

    I want to try OrangeTheory so badly. They say the first class is free except “select” locations, and of course the Chelsea location is one of the select…hmph.

    Good luck with training! I am sure you will do great!

  2. Caitlin

    ” trying to not let perfect be the enemy of good” is such a great expression! I’m going to keep it in mind! Good job getting in some activity each day.


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