A Little Window Shopping Never Hurt Anyone…

YOU GUYS, IS SPRING EVER GOING TO REALLY COME? I ran this morning and then it took me a good three hours and two cups of coffee to really warm up. 

The other day before Lacey’s wedding, I went for a run. Most of the time when I run, it’s on either the West Side Highway or the East River paths, so I need a change sometimes. My favorite in-the-city run is to run an out-and-back down Fifth Ave through Flatiron, alternating sides of the street for maximum window shopping opportunities. (Good thing the stores weren’t open yet or I might have popped in…)

I saw SO many cute things I have my eye on for spring. Below are some of them as well as some other online finds.

Window Shopping


1. Pleated Halter Dress | 2. Vista Shirt Dress | 3. Lilly for Target, not available yet | 4.  Novella Dress | 5. Laser Cut Shift Dress | 6. Color Block Fit & Flare | 7. Printed Tank Dress


What do you have your eye on for spring?  

14 comments on “A Little Window Shopping Never Hurt Anyone…

  1. Sara @ Lake Shore Runner

    Love all of your picks. Now I really want that Novella Dress! Just a heads up I ordered the JCrew tank dress in black and it looked like a cheap nighty. Maybe the print will be better! I returned mine, but just wanted to give you aheads up 🙂

    1. Theodora Blanchfield Post author

      Oooh! I have that one (in a print) and it fits pretty true-to-size. My problem with Lilly dresses is usually in the chest – they’re not really cut for ladies who actually have a chest. But yes, I’ve def had Lilly dresses altered before!

  2. Gretchen | Gretchruns

    I “window shop” all the time! I actually have a spreadsheet of things that I want to buy. Then, I can track the price and get it when it’s the lowest! A lot of the time, though, I decide I don’t really like it and end up not buying. Saves me a lot of money!

  3. Jane Arnold

    Window shopping is my all time favourite hobby, Whenever I go for on line shopping, I just love adding products into my cart rather than buying them.
    And yes..!!! I loved these dresses.
    Lovely post buddy..!!!!


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