Thursday Randomness

So, this morning I got ALL EXCITED about the warmer weather and headed into my Starbucks, hoping to get a nice little iced soy latte to start my day. I like their soy milk because it has a hint of vanilla, so it tempers the bitter espresso taste. I got to work, started sipping away and noticed that my latte, did, in fact, taste rather bitter.

I am semi-lactose intolerant. I can eat plenty of hard cheese, but the softer and meltier cheeses do a number on my digestive system and milk (other than a splash in my coffee) and yogurt are totally off-limits.

So, I got super sick to my stomach and had to come work from home with my little puppernutter by side. 

I was supposed to go to Hallie’s Soul Cycleclass down in Tribeca, but I also have a really early morning tomorrow for a special shoot with StitchFix. I can’t wait to share the details with you…but for now, I have a box on my kitchen table I’m not allowed to open yet. No pressure. (P.S. They are also doing maternity and petite clothes now!)


I’m laying low sprucing up my apartment so that it’s all ready to have a film crew in and out before I go to work. NBD.

I LOVED this post from my bud Amy about how to reclaim an hour of your time. Amy’s starting a corporate yoga company in D.C. AND is doing a yoga retreat in OBX. I love having friends who do cool things.

Anne also had a great post on unplugging. 

Speaking of friends who do cool things, my Uplift ladies celebrated their third birthday this week! They’re also teaching in Chicago now, so check out their schedule!

Amanda has a great post on how to feel productive when you’re unproductive. I like what she said about so much of that pre-work. I presented a big social media strategy update earlier in the week, and now I need to move it forward. While I had clearly defined next steps in the presentation, the next phase is figuring out the resources needed to turn those into tasks and my priorities within these. Exciting stuff but can be a little overwhelming.

Also, people are basically universally happy at 7pm.

After reading Grace’s Little White Dress guide, I’m pretty sure I need this one. Like maybe for Derby.

Random Social Media Ish:

Instagram Hashtag Changes: sorry annoying spammers! Going back and adding your 17,00000 hashtags #blessed #fitfam after the fact won’t surface your photos to the top. It also won’t win you any contests. SORRY!

12 Facebook Tactics Working Right Now < this was posted like two days ago…and then the Facebook algorithm changed AGAIN. Test, test, test…



Lilly Pulitzer Target Bryant Park

BRB DYING. I am proud that literally everyone I knew brought this to my attention, and I cannot WAIT to throw some elbows.

That’s all. Time to put out some flowers and tidy up for my shoot tomorrow. Homegirl needs some beauty sleep.

What’s going on in your world?

6 comments on “Thursday Randomness

  1. Katie

    While I want to celebrate that Uplift is closer to me, I’m actually coming to NYC in May again this year, so I’ll be able to check out the original again! Generally at 7 pm I’ve chosen to be where ever I am, so I am definitely happiest then. Even tonight I was still at work, but I was working so that I could go on a long lunch tomorrow, so I didn’t mind the later hours.

  2. Betsy

    How exciting about the special Stitch Fix shoot! Can’t wait to hear more. I just got my 9th Stitch Fix and my stylist picked out some great items!


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