Four Ways to Recover, Four Ways to Use the HP X360

Disclosure: The following post is part of a partnership with HP and Collectively. I received a HP X360 and compensation. All opinions are my own.

Way back in the day, I was an editor at a legal technology magazine. Though some of the stuff I wrote about (e-discovery software? Yawn.) wasn’t very exciting, my favorite part of that job was writing our “product pages,” where we covered consumer technology that lawyers might be interested in. I scoured tech blogs to find the latest and greatest and usually coveted half of the stuff myself.

That was five years ago now, and since I follow consumer tech a bit less, my mind is constantly blown about the innovations made in the computers we can buy today.

HP sent me the new HP X360 to review, and challenged me to write about fours, since it can adjust four ways: laptop, tablet, tent, stand.

Since I have a half next weekend, I’m going to talk about 4 Ways to Recover After Your Long Run.

1. FOAM ROLL: The number one way for me to start feeling human after a long run. It hurts so good, but there’s no way I can hold my breath, so I end up releasing tension from both my muscles and my brain as I let it all go and sink into that cylindrical foam torture device.

2. COMPRESSION SOCKS: I know the research is limited on the effectiveness of compression socks, but whether it’s placebo effect or not, I feel like compression socks do help after a long run. My calves are typically the most sore, and I feel like the socks keep things moving so I don’t completely cramp up.

3. WALK. It’s usually the last thing I want to do, but I find it really helpful to keep moving a bit and not just sit on my couch for the rest of the day. Back when Tina and I were training for the New York City Marathon in 2011, we’d often walk about a mile to get a few beers once we’d cleaned up post-run. That was probably the slowest mile either of us had ever walked, but we usually felt better by the time we got there. I swear it wasn’t just the beer.

4. SMOOTHIE: Sometimes by the end of a long run, I want to eat all the things. Sometimes the idea of food makes me downright nauseous. If I’m feeling the latter, I usually force myself to have a smoothie so that my body can get in the protein and carbs it needs to recover.

The HP X360 is all about the fours, too. When I opened it, I was in awe of its different form factors.


HP X360 Laptop

It does straight-up regular laptop. At 3.1 pounds, it’s also nice and light.

HP X360 Tablet


Though I might not kick back and read like this, the touchscreen is a cool feature and makes it less cumbersome should I want to bring it on a plane or to a conference.


HP x360

For when you enter that pain cave on your foam roller and want to watch something to distract yourself.


HP x360


For use when referring to your favorite recovery recipes. Protein balls, anyone?

HP’s also on tour with Meghan Trainor, working with influencers on Instagram, Vine and YouTube, to create a fan-generated music video, each of them using the HP X360 to collaborate on the creative process.


You can follow along with the tour here or on any of these social channels:

Facebook: #bendtherules

Twitter: #thatbasstour

Instagram: #bendtherulessweepsnashville


What kind of computer do you have? What are you looking for in a computer?

4 comments on “Four Ways to Recover, Four Ways to Use the HP X360

  1. Joan

    Actually, I’ve got an HP Pavilion laptop and I really love it. They were one of the only ones with a 17-inch screen, and full number pad and number/arrow keys on keyboard. I’d been scoping out the “convertibles” like the one you’re talking about, and that will likely be my next thing, but this is pretty sweet for now.


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