But Everything Counts

But Everything Counts

The other night, I really freaking wanted to get take-out tacos for dinner.

I mentally justified those tacos a million different ways: they’re not that bad, it’s only one meal, I’ll get back to eating better tomorrow.

But Gretchen Rubin’s new book stuck out in my head. It’s about the habits we create (or don’t) and why. There’s a whole section called “Desire, Ease and Excuses” and a chapter on loophole spotting that really stood out to me.

She talks about how her TV writer sister tells her that nothing else matters when she’s shooting a pilot, that it’s “separate from real life” so it “doesn’t count.” Gretchen tells her that everything counts.

And it does. That extra glass of wine, that skipped workout, that extra guac on the tacos — they all add up, and they all matter. That skipped workout. They all matter.

As I’m trying to lose some weight I’d gained back, that’s a really helpful constant reminder to me. The fries with the turkey burger AND the wine? Yeah, they both count. The skipped or cut-short workout? Sure, go ahead and half-ass them, but it’s only going to hurt you when you don’t PR in your race. (Jess has a great post up about sacrificing for your goals.)

We’re only given one life (unless you’re a cat), so, yeah, everything counts.

How do you call yourself out on justifying and loophole-spotting?

19 comments on “But Everything Counts

  1. amanda brooks

    HA yes I wrote about this idea too because it was SUCH a good one and i realized a lot about how I actually need to be an abstainer not a moderator when it comes to certain things. Love this book

  2. Barb chicago

    Great post. I am feeling stressed at the moment and eating and have gained. I took a nice walk last night and this morning and I need to get back to those things. I need to go back to Chipotle w my salad, chicken and mild tomate salsa instead if my 5 Guys Burger and fries.

  3. Gianna @ Run, Lift, Repeat

    I have definitely been working on being more mindful of what I put in my body. Currently eating a turkey burger but I have salad with it and no bun because I just really love the burger part. I (try to) modify to what I want exactly so I don’t go overboard. Or like Friday – I knew I would be consuming too much wine after a shit week. I preempted with super good eats all day long and a good run prior. Balance!

  4. Mary

    Ugh, yup. I have to pay better attention to the stuff I’m doing to myself. Just because its “once in a while” (its way more often than that) or “i don’t indulge THAT often” (yes I do)…. does not give me free rein to eat churros every day. dangit.

  5. Melissa

    random but I’m pretty sure I saw you running in Hudson River park yesterday with a friend. As I don’t really KNOW you, I didn’t say anything, but just wanted to say HI from a local reader!

    1. Theodora

      @Jess: I think this is something that will always be a work in progress for most people. We’re all so good at finding loopholes and ways to justify things. And thanks for writing a great post 🙂

  6. Jordan Ring

    Agreed! But man its hard to not eat that extra cookie or even have some hot chocolate. Thanks for the post and the reminder that everything does indeed count!


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