Week in Workouts: Back in the Game

 On Wednesdays we wear pink

And on Mondays, we take rest days.

This has been a kind of recent thing for me in the past few months…and it works.

The other day, my coworkers and I were talking about weekend workouts and rest days. One girl said she loved to take a rest day on the weekends because it means she gets to sleep in one day. I can’t sleep past 8 anyway, so this is not a draw for me. I love working out both days on the weekend because I have extra time and can usually make at least one of those workouts social.

This is all a long way of saying hello from my couch. I slept in a bit before work this morning and skipped washing my hair and cleaned my apartment and went to the post office before the office, and went grocery shopping after work and am blogging now. Productive rest days for the win.

Let’s talk about last week, though.

Last week, it all started clicking again and I just wanted it. I craved my workouts instead of thinking of reasons to stay in bed — even when it was 30-something degrees IN NEW YORK IN APRIL.


Monday: Um, rest day or two-a-day Mondays, I guess.

AM: Andrea Speir, our DailyBurn Pilates instructor, was in town, and led us through a 45-minute workout. I LOVE her videos. Guys, we’ve always had some seriously awesome programs, but our most recent ones, Black Fire and Pilates have totally hit it out of the park.

PM: T2.


Tuesday: Very deserved rest day.

Wednesday: Easy 4. Ideally this is supposed to be after a hard workout, but I had an early appointment and just couldn’t make myself do it.

Thursday: Uplifting Strength with my girl Alyssa. There’s nothing like taking a friend’s class, because you CAN’T SLACK OFF IN FRONT OF YOUR FRIEND.

Friday: Speed workout in the cold wind. It sucked. I did it. The end.

Saturday: Was supposed to do 7 miles, with 4 at tempo, but was pretty sore from strength + speed and knew I had a long run the next day so cut it down to 5.

Sunday: 10 miles with my bud Camille. My legs were not happy after all of that. It was honestly not a fabulous run. Yesterday involves lots and lots and lots of foam rolling.

This time around, Jess gave me a list of workouts for each week and told me to fit them into my schedule as I could, knowing that I usually have some workouts I’m trying for work or this blog. Running three days in a row when I’m only running four days a week: kind of dumb.

This week’s goal:

Tuesday: trying out The Run. I’m going to count this as my intervals for the week.

Wednesday: Well + Good yoga event in am

Thursday: tempo

Friday: short recovery run

I am taking a class at NYU this weekend, both days from 10-4, and Saturday is also Derby. I’m trying to decide if it makes sense to do my 12-miler before the class on Saturday or Sunday…what would you do?

And how was your week of workouts? What are you training for?

6 comments on “Week in Workouts: Back in the Game

  1. Katie

    I have got to buckle down on workouts, and with my schedule being cleared of “that pesky thing called work” I should have plenty of time for walk/runs and bike rides. Hopefully I’ll also get in the habit of driving over to the pool.

  2. Gianna @ Run, Lift, Repeat

    I upped my strength workouts last week and am still feeling Sunday’s body pump (which should make tonights more fun!).

    can’t wait to hear about your experience at The Run – my sister just started working there and I am going Thursday for a lunch time class!

  3. Nikola

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  4. Ivan Jordon

    Welp, that’s a productive week right there. Mine? Not so much. I’m a fitness buff, but these days I’m too busy with work the only form of exercise I’m doing is walking. Well, no more. I’m gonna make sure I get back on the game next week. Mmmm. Can’t wait!


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