Tweaks I’ve Made for My Happiness

Hawaii Beach

I started off this year in not the best place mentally. There was honestly nothing wrong in my life, but there was this funk I felt like I just couldn’t shake.

Over the past few months, I’ve been working to get back to my happy place, and I think I’m there! 

Here’s a few things that have helped me get there:

  • Learning that little NO word. Does having plans every night of the week really make me happy? Does taking on extra responsibilities outside of work when all I really want to do after work is see friends or sit on my couch make me happy? Nope! Last night, we had a work happy hour and tonight I had several things I could have done…but my couch is fabulous.
  • Baths and reading. I love taking a bath so much, and there’s few things that relax me that well. It’s like all of my anxiety dissolves the second I get in. And yes, even in the summer, I enjoy hot baths. I’m weird.
  • RUNNING. My running sucked over the winter but now that it’s nice out and I’m training for Brooklyn, running is keeping me sane AND endorphin drunk.
  • Consciously telling myself not to lose sleep over the little things. I am a Grade A worrier, but sometimes you just need to realize when something’s out of your hands anyway and you shouldn’t be worrying.
  • Really choosing to spend time with the people that make me happiest and spending less time with those who don’t.
  • And also trying — as often as I can — to meet up with someone new or someone I haven’t seen in a while for an invigorating conversation.
  • MUSIC. Over the past few months, there have been several key playlists in my life. I’ll share them in a separate post soon.
  • I’m back really watching what I’m eating, and it’s actually really nice to have a kind of framework and structure to what I eat, taking out some of the guesswork.

What kind of tweaks have you made for your own happiness?

8 comments on “Tweaks I’ve Made for My Happiness

  1. Annette

    It’s good to read about people making sure to take care of themselves! We all need to be “selfish” sometimes. I have also been reading more again. Interestingly enough, music is a huge part of my happiness, but I actually have been “tuning out” during runs lately. Even though I live in a small city, it’s nice to experience how peaceful it can be when I’m running (and to notice all the beautiful places there are hidden around here).

  2. Katie @ Live Half Full

    I couldn’t agree more with this list! Saying no is a KEY lesson I learned within the past few years. I love how you added eating to the list, because it’s so true! Also, I’m with you on the baths! All year long, I love them.


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