Enter to Win a Bib to the Newport 10K!

Newport 10K

I have a special giveaway for NYC-area runners! The rest of you…I’m sorry 🙁 I’ll understand if you X out right now and come back tomorrow. 

I love NYC races, but I also love getting off my island and seeing things from a different perspective. I’ve run the Newport Half twice (2010 and 2012) and even recommended it as a great, flat course to a friend for her first half while gearing up for the Marine Corps Marathon.

A few weeks ago, the PR people for the Newport 10K reached out to see if I wanted to run the 10K on May 2 there. YES! But wait, no. I’m taking a class that weekend. (Which means all the fun things happen then, obviously.) So I asked if I could do a giveaway for my entry instead, and they were kind enough to agree to that. 

The organizers say it’s known as the fastest course in the tri-state area, and there are four water stops. (That’s pretty awesome for a 10K; mine this weekend only had 2, and I wouldn’t have minded the option for more, especially on such a warm day.) The course runs along the Hudson and through downtown Jersey City and should have AWESOME views. If you live in NYC, it’s a short PATH ride away, especially if you live downtown and can get on at World Trade Center.

On their Facebook and Twitter, they’re asking people to share #whyirun. Tell me below in the comments why you run for a chance to win a bib to this race. 

Since this is next weekend, I’m going to keep this short and sweet — entry is open until Thursday, April 23 at noon EST.

12 comments on “Enter to Win a Bib to the Newport 10K!

  1. Dori

    YES! I LOVE this race – partially because it runs right past my apartment, and I love running on the streets of my own city. For the #whyirun question – originally I started to have a way to exercise outside when it’s nice out, but after running for six years I can say that I run because I love learning that I am capable of things I never thought possible, and I love having a way to measure my growth and celebrate achievements.

  2. Carolyn

    I’ve always played sports growing up and enjoyed activities that keep me in shape. After graduating college I found running to be a great exercise and an escape from a stressful day. I live in Hoboken and I love to run outside along the water. Being able to do something that is good for me, makes me feel better and is fun are all the reasons why I run and why I don’t ever want to stop 🙂

  3. Gina B

    I run to show my baby girl that “me” time and being healthy are important and necessary.

    In other news, I have done the Newport Half and OMG GORGEOUS! Whoever wins will have a great time!

  4. Holly C

    Running is a mental and physical reset for me. It’s not always fun while it’s happening, but I’ve never wished I hadn’t run after the fact.

  5. Val B

    Hi Theodora!

    #whyirun is #becauseican. I have a very similar story to yours in that I was heavy growing up, although active in sports like Basketball and Softball. When I graduated from college and moved back to my hometown of NYC, I was sick of being overweight and wanted to start my new life as a grown up with a different attitude. As you know, NYC gym memberships are expensive, so I got out and did the cheapest form of exercise I could think of, I ran. 5 years later, I have completed 18 half marathons and 2 full marathons, mostly in the NYC area, and down 55lbs. I stay motivated reading blogs like yourself, but also those of people that want to be running but have struggles out of their control. So, I run because I can. And would like to run this Newport race, as I think each race has a unique vibe, and would love to see what Jersey has to offer me!

  6. Caroline S

    Thank you very much for this opportunity! #whyirun is because I love the feeling of being fit and healthy. Running makes me a happy, healthier, and positive person. I love using runs to think, de-stress, and enjoy myself. I enjoy running with friends and family, and it has brought me closer to many people. I love to run about 4-5 times a week (my favorite weekday runs are on the east river path!) and I am always looking for new and fun races to run with friends! I am going to be training for my first ever NYC marathon in November. Theodora, thank you very much for your blog, you continue to be an inspiration to me everyday!

  7. Emma

    #whyirun…I run because I can. I run because I LOVE the runner’s high I feel after every single run. I run because running is when I get my best ideas. I run to stay fit. But most of all, I run for me!

  8. Taylor

    #whyirun….because I never thought I could and if your dreams don’t terrify you, they’re not big enough. I just completed my first full marathon in March and can’t wait to keep going.


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