Week in Workouts: April 13 – 19

OOF, you guys.

I just got back from trying T2, an indoor cycling class you take on a real bike on a CompuTrainer, and I am BEAT.

I had another fairly solid week of running and workouts last week.

But first, a MASSIVE congrats to everyone who ran Boston, but especially my blogging buddies Tina, Michele, Sarah (who got AWESOME PRs!), Janae and Dani! Conditions did NOT look easy out there, but you all beasted it out!

I contemplated taking today off to go up and ultimately decided not to. NEXT YEAR, THOUGH. NEXT YEAR.

Monday: I’d had a few days of tough workouts in a row, so I was prepared to take Monday off.

West Side Highway Path

But when you leave work and the night looks like this, how can you NOT go play outside? My calves were a little sore, so I decided to be nice to them and go out for some easy cycling. (It was also the first time I took my bike out this year.)

Tuesday: I ended up taking this as a rest day. 

Wednesday: Went out for a tempo, and my legs felt fine, but my lungs felt en fuego. My legs are plenty strong, but I don’t think my lungs like the extra pounds I’m carrying lately. Hey lungs, I don’t either. Working on it. Workout from Jess: 2 miles warm-up, 3 tempo (8:00 (!), 8:06, 8:07) and one mile cool-down. I was so, so happy with these paces. If I can hold paces like this for 10 more miles…

Thursday: Easy 4


Friday: Uplift Strength. I woke up feeling so gross and mushy and needed to lift things up and put them down, so I signed up for Kat’s class for several reasons: 1. It would keep me from going out 2. I would feel better about myself 3. She’s awesome and I hadn’t seen her in too long. I dare you to take this girl’s class and NOT walk out grinning. 4. Oh duh, also wine. I knew I had a race the next day, so I didn’t push myself super-hard on the weight but tried to go for more reps instead where I could.


Saturday: Pinned down bladder cancer + 3 more miles for a total of 9 miles.

Sunday: Was freaking exhausted, so just took a long walk home from volunteering cleaning up a park in the morning for Junior League.

I’ve been getting in at least 3 runs a week, but I really need to get in my extra speed session. 

Tentative plan for workouts the rest of this week: Tuesday Tempo, Wednesday not sure yet, Thursday, yoga event in morning…maybe something else?, Friday intervals, Saturday easy run, Sunday long run.

What workouts do you have planned this week?

8 comments on “Week in Workouts: April 13 – 19

  1. Jordan Ring

    Looks like a great week of workouts to me! I personally prefer to get some sports mixed in to break the monotony of running all the time. My wife and I get to play ultimate frisbee tonight which I am super excited about, and my softball league starts soon! 🙂

  2. Gianna @ Run, Lift, Repeat

    I took a new killer bootcamp type circuit class Saturday and umm still kind of hurts to lift my arms up so that is going to become a Saturday norm (thanks classpass!). My goals are to get 3 strength classes a week. I am finally running more now want to really maintain the strength because, I heart muscles.

    1. Theodora Blanchfield Post author

      I’m writing about T2 as part of a bigger cycling story at work (yay!), but I think I’m probably going to do a separate review of T2 here. As for the total watts…I have no idea because we followed several different courses so things kept getting reset.

  3. Julia

    Hi Theodora,

    Looks running workouts really makes you fit. I personally rely on running. It has no side effects. Besides if you are doing it indoor then you could save your time while exercising. But I think you prefer it with your buddies. Let’s keep running 😀


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