What You Need to Know About Lilly Pulitzer for Target

Next week, I’ll be more runner than preppy, but for now, I need to tell you about Lilly for Target.

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Bryant Park

I was lucky enough to get to go to the press/VIP night at the pop-up in Bryant Park, and I pretty much died of happiness.

I’ve gotten a bunch of questions on Instagram, and I have read entirely too much about this collaboration, so here’s what you need to know if you’re going to shop Sunday.

1. Read the lookbook. Familiarize yourself with the pieces you’re interested, so that, whether you’re throwing elbows in a store or trying to shop online, you won’t waste time browsing.

2. If you’re shopping online, create your account on target.com now if you don’t already have one. The collection’s supposed to launch between 1-3am EST, so if you really want to get stuff, that’s when to be online.

3. The quality: this is what a lot of you really wanted to know. At the Target price point, it’s obviously not the same quality as full-price Lilly. But hi, $40 dresses! There are no bra stays (a random feature I really like on Lilly dresses), the zippers feel a bit less sturdy, and the material isn’t quite as thick as the full-price version.

4. And the sizing is the other thing you all wanted to know. Like all Lilly, it’s not the most forgiving if you’re busty. Overall, the sizing is a tiny bit more forgiving, though, than their typical sizing.

5. Be open to stuff like rompers and jumpsuits. Of everything I picked up, those are actually my favorite pieces!

Are you going to shop Lilly for Target? What do you want?

16 comments on “What You Need to Know About Lilly Pulitzer for Target

  1. Jillian

    I love the eyelet and print shorts and might pick up a bathing suit. I’m busty, so want to stick with full-on Lilly for dresses, but will throw an elbow or two for cheap bathing suits or shorts any day!

  2. Claire @ Keeping Up With Claire

    THIS is what I’ve been waiting for for WEEKS! I’m so excited and plan to line up outside my local Target at 7 AM so I can be the first one in when it opens. 🙂 I’m also really happy to hear you love the rompers because I love rompers and the Lilly rompers are my favorite items from the look book. What do you think about the accessories…I’m eyeing a bag but not sure of the quality and am curious to see how durable it is in person.

    1. Theodora Blanchfield Post author

      Of the accessories, I got a headband, tote and clutch. They were all about $15ish, if I remember correctly. For that price, I don’t really care how durable they are. The headband, honestly, was maybe a bit overpriced but it’s really cute and is something I can wear with real clothes to get these damn bangs out of my face, so worth it 🙂

  3. Katie

    Well now I’m going to go study the lookbook! I’m hoping my local target is as quiet as they have been for other releases. I actually was considering being in Minneapolis Saturday night, but am fairly certain I will go back home so I can be at my little up north target.

  4. Lacey Bee

    I followed your instructions and checked out the look book and omg, they have plus size!?! Even this busty gal might be able to score some Lilly, now!! Do they offer plus size in the regular lines? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it. Love you!

  5. Jillie

    I almost died of jealousy when I saw your insta. I WILL be online at 1AM EST to get both the romper and jumpsuit. All about the one pieces this season! Oh and might as well get a swimsuit with the matching turban. MIGHT AS WELL.

  6. Katie

    Fabulous info for those of us who have issues with Lilly and being well endowed. Aside from that, do the sizes generally run similar to full-price Lilly clothing?

  7. Ashley Moore

    Wow these women in the picture are way to old to be wearing Lilly. I guess they never heard of age appropriate it’s for younger ladies. And lets be honest they do not look well taken care of I mean at least that if they must. Just because something is in style does not mean it’s appropriate for all ages but Lilly is known for young pretty girls to wear it not their mothers r grandmothers. It makes the clothes less appealing and men most likely are disappointed as they get closer to look at what they assumed was a young cute lady only to be confronted by grandma Girty I mean seriously older women need to stop they look like crazy people the kind with 2 ponytails that needs to stop at 24. Remember the movie with Bette Davis … ” What ever happened to Baby Jane?” Well they remind me and so many others of her in the movie they look just like that!


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