My TV Debut

A few weeks ago, I was having a quiet night at home when I got an email from the StitchFix PR rep. CBS New York was doing a segment on them, and they wanted a local customer. Did I want to be on TV?

Um, YES! I did a quick pre-interview with the CBS producer on my way to Lacey’s rehearsal dinner. She asked why I did StitchFix, and I said something along the lines of “to branch out from my usual Lilly Pulitzer and J. Crew.”

I guess I passed the pre-interview, because the producer asked when she could come over to my apartment with her camera person.

And then they walked in and saw I even have a Lilly painting on my wall, because, yes, I am that girl.

Well, the segment aired last night!

I was taking a bath when Lacey called “do you want to come over and watch yourself on TV??” (I canceled my cable years ago because I was completely throwing money away because I watch so little TV.) I had been about to go to sleep, thinking I’d just catch the video clip online…but Bailey and I walked over, because I thought it’d be fun to be around friends to watch.

Watching yourself on TV is WEIRD, y’all. I watched through my hand like I was watching a horror movie. WHAT DID I SAY? WHAT WAS ABOUT TO COME OUT OF MY MOUTH? I can be entirely too self-critical, but I am happy with how the segment came out! I have graduated from drinking cocktails on air. You can trust me to talk, people.


12 comments on “My TV Debut

  1. Victoria

    How cool that they picked you! I’m sure you did great.

    We have to do a lot of video work, and I’ve done tons of mock television segments in our in-office TV studio, which, yes, are weird to watch. Still not as bad as reading a court-reporter transcript of yourself talking. Always makes me want to crawl under a table.

  2. Alison

    You did great! And I love the dress you’re wearing in the piece — is that from StitchFix?

    Two things that made me LOL — one, CBS comparing these to fruit of the month club subscriptions (um, not really) and two, calling the segment “What’s in the box?” (Am I the only one who thinks of Brad Pitt screaming that over and over when presented with GP’s head at the end of Seven?)

  3. Meghan

    Congrats! I was on the news for a segment on wine a few years ago, and I still cringe whenever I see that someone has clicked it on my blog. I got my hair colored right before (HUGE mistake!) and it was so dark it didn’t even look like me.


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