I Did it for the Endorphins

I had a really busy and stressful week last week at work.

By Friday, I was ready to crawl under my covers and hibernate.

I was chatting with my boss/favorite person and told her how excited I was to go home and get in bed.

“So, I can’t persuade you to come work out with me?”

I’d already run that morning, but it is hard for me to say no to her AND hard for me to say no to a workout.

Peloton or OrangeTheory?” she asked. Since I’d already run and had a long run scheduled for the next day, I told her I preferred Peloton. We looked at the schedule and IT WAS BRITNEY V. CHRISTINA. DONE.

We went, and I rocked the shit out of that ride. I danced along, I lip synced, and just generally had an awesome time and left all of my stress on the bike. To the point that the instructor came up to me after class and said he noticed me rocking out. No shame in my game.

Food is the Most Abused Anxiety Drug. Exercise is the most underutilized antidepressants.

Sometimes I work out to maintain my weight/stay healthy, etc, but sometimes it’s purely to keep me sane. I wholeheartedly believe in medication/therapy when necessary for one’s mental health, but sometimes it’s as simple as a high dosage of endorphins.

Favorite endorphin rush?

9 comments on “I Did it for the Endorphins

  1. Katie

    i love a good playlist and as an instructor I love when students rock out, what a good way to dump the stress and move into the weekend on a good note!

  2. Gianna @ Run, Lift, Repeat

    Peloton has some of my favorite rides! The live DJ gets me every time. He’s up there dancing I’m dancing in my bike. And I am okay with that 🙂 Totally agree it is not always about the fitness aspect, a lot of the time it is for mental clarity!

  3. Jillie

    I admire that you were able to go and do a workout after such a stressful week! I honestly wish I had someone like that at my workplace. Everyone is always encouraging me to eat a slice of pizza, skip a workout or go to happy hour instead. While those are good to mix in from time to time, I wish I had someone to encourage some healthy aspects as well!

  4. Caitlin

    My go-to endorphins bursting workout is spin. I often go on Monday nights despite just wanting to head home and get in bed. But I tell myself I can just get on the bike and spin my legs out and I don’t have to turn up the resistance if I don’t want to. That usually gets me there. But once I DO get there I feel so motivated and I push hard. I leave feeling awesome and it’s a great way to start a Monday!


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